Short Thoughts: January - March 2002
March 28

Miracle Whip is not mayonnaise. So what is mayonnaise? No idea. And why is it Hellman's in Houston (and I presume the east) and Best Foods in California? What's the point?

March 27

Takeshi Kaga was in Urutoraman Zeasu (1996) with Takaaki Ishibashi
Takaaki Ishibashi was in Steal Big, Steal Little (1995) with Joseph F. Kosala
Joseph F. Kosala was in Novocaine (2001) with Kevin Bacon

March 27

So there's a Japanese Survivor now. Have you ever seen a Japanese game show? Can you imagine how brutal this show will be? I dunno, I kind of want to watch it.

March 25

Fascinating interview with the U.N. ambassador from Singapore on whether Asians can think.

March 21

We currently have no heat or hot water at 420 James Rd. However, we do have 3 computers, 2 TVs, 2 DVD players, 2 VCRs, 2 Playstation 2s, and hundreds of DVDs. Priorities.

March 20

I thought Captain Marvel was dead.

March 18

So we registered over the weekend. It was crazy - we were at Crate & Barrel for 4 hours and during that time, about 50 couples came in to register. I'm not exaggerating at all. Insane.

March 14

Can anyone figure out what my ESPN NCAA men's b-ball entry name means?

March 12

One of my all time favorite albums is Coram Deo. It's this kind of praise album produced by Charlie Peacock. Not really songs you can sing though; more meditative stuff. It's got great stuff on it, including a couple Out of the Grey songs, and this duet with Michael Card and Charlie Peacock. I don't know if you know what Card and Peacock sound like, but it's night and day - this song is one of the funniest things you'll ever hear. And it's good. Just enough outside of mainstream to be good.

Anyway, one song I really like is this song Peacock wrote based on a short verse in the beginning of Job. People always harp on his friends for talking too much, but it's interesting, because when they first see Job, they don't say anything. They see how much he's suffering so they don't say a word, just hang out with him for 7 days. They did say too much but in the beginning, they were just with him, not saying anything at all.

So, Peacock riffs off that idea. And I dunno, it's just a song I like. Here are the lyrics.

Now Is The Time For Tears

Charlie Peacock

Now is the time for tears
Don't speak
Save your words
There's nothing you could say
To take this pain away
Don't try so hard
You can just simply be
Cry with me don't try to fix me friend
That's how you'll comfort me

Heavenly Father cover this child with mercy
You are my helper through this time of trial and pain
Silence the lips of the people with all of the answers
Gently show them now is the time
Now is the time
Now is the time for tears

March 11

Was reading a Newsweek article, and it quoted one Peter Edge, and it was noted, "no relation to U2's The". I dunno, that made me laugh.

March 11

This season of Survivor looks pretty good, much better than Africa, possibly better than Australia. Maybe it's just me, but I like the black guy. He apparently lives in South Central, he's an outspoken Christian, he's outspoken in general, and he's portrayed as lazy. Great combo.

But what I loved was this thing he said last episode. He was saying how he's naturally comfortable with the other black member of his tribe, because of cultural background and because they're both Christians and he says the bond of Christ is the strongest bond there is (ooh John! Spiritual talk!). And then he was saying how the problem is, their natural bond can be perceived by the others as being separatist, as if they're either not trying to be part of the team or colluding on their own.

Here's what I thought was insightful. What he says the others don't realize is that for the most part, for the others to fit in, they have to be themselves. But for the two black members, to fit in, they have to not be themselves.

I dunno, maybe it was just me, but that resonated with me. Just, that's the way it is for me at work, I think. At least partly. Not so much with the engineers, but definitely in the context of the whole company. I can't be myself and fit in - I need to be something else. For lack of a better word, white. I dunno, maybe that's not fully accurate, but that's how I feel sometimes.

March 11

I still play Casio (with keys that light up!) for the kids at KCPC, and I'm still profoundly amused by them. Pastor Eugene asked them this past Sunday how they would finish the sentence, "God is..." One girl says "good". A guy then says, one upping her, "great". Then some kid says, "clean". Clean? The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of what God is is clean? Hilarious.

Anyway, I noticed something interesting. Some of the girls get insanely tall in 6th grade. I don't know what their parents are feeding them, but yeah, they get really tall. And a common thing they do is slouch. I guess because they're self-conscious about their height? Because they do tower over the other kids. But yeah, that happens with some of the taller girls.

So I was thinking about it, and I actually think something similar happened with me. Not being conscious with height, but just physical appearance in general. I think that's why I slouch. I say this because when I do make an effort to stand up straight, it feels strange, not just physically, but psychologically. I don't know how to explain it, but it's something like, I'm not good looking enough to be walking like this. I dunno if that makes any sense at all, but yeah, there's something psychological going on and I think that's why I started slouching.

March 11

I had this eye infection last week and it got bad enough that I had to go to the hospital. Anyway, they wouldn't even see me. I called the appointment desk, and they had a doctor call me back. Instead of scheduling an appointment, he just talked to me, and made a prescription over the phone. If it didn't get better in a few days, then they'd see me. I dunno, that kind of made me angry. Just, I don't know if this is a consequence of the HMO situation but not even seeing a patient, just talking over the phone... that rubbed me the wrong way. But whatever, it's better now, so I guess I shouldn't care.

March 11

Looks like my testimony request failed. Didn't think it would catch on. But thanks Grace, Peter, and Eric Yang(!) for trying.

March 9

In upper elementary school I only wore Izod shirts and Levi's jeans.

March 9

Adrian issued an interesting challenge yesterday. We did a Bible study on peace. And sometimes you hear someone say how they prayed for something, and then they felt a peace about it, and that's how they knew what God wanted them to do.

Adrian's challenge was to find any example or support for this in the Bible. I dunno, he was so strong about it, I badly want to find a contrary example. But yeah, his claim is, that idea isn't in the Bible. Peace can sometimes be an indication of something, but it's never a confirmation of God's will.

It's not hard to support the claim that following God's will isn't always confirmed by a sense of peace. Someone brought up Jesus in Gethsemene. He knew and followed God's will, but was deeply troubled to the point of sweating blood. So yeah, peace isn't always a confirmation of God's will. But is it never? In the Bible? That's the claim, and I'm still thinking about it.

March 9

I'm living with some strange people.

They were watching Willow the other day, and something happened, and Keith makes the comment, "As if they would listen to a halfling." Hearty laughs all around. I dunno, we live in the same apartment, but different worlds.

March 7

Two songs I really like that other people either don't know or don't like: You're An Ocean by Fastball and The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. I just really like those songs.

March 7

I dislike my Korean name. Chai Sunil.

First the surname. No one pronounces it right. I think I've written about this before. But the reason we spell it like that is because it's most accurately pronounced like the word "chair" without the "r". My great-grandfather spent some time in the U.S. and that's how he spelled it, so everyone after in our family did the same way. But yeah, most Koreans go with "Choi", which is a complete mispronunciation. In fact, my uncle, when he came to the U.S., wrote down "Chai" and they said it was wrong, so they changed it to "Choi". So he's a Choi while his brother my dad is a Chai.

But yeah, everyone in America pronounces it Chai like Chai Latte so we just gave up.

Also hate "Sunil". Everyone pronounces this wrong also. The problem is, it's an Indian name also, which is pronounced like "Sue Kneel". But that's not how you pronounce my name. It's actually like the words "Sun Eel". Rhymes with "Fun Wheel". But yeah, no one says it like that because of the Indian thing.

But what I hate most is that I can't pronounce my Korean name. It's pretty sad, but yeah, it's just hard to pronounce correctly, and when I say it, Korean people always mishear it, so I hate saying my own name. It's not Jieun / Jibin / Giwoong hard, but pretty difficult. I've always been envious of people with easier to pronounce Korean names, like Hyunmo, or Kisoo, or girls names like Sunju (my sister) or Gisoo (Kevin). They're lucky.

So yeah, don't like my Korean name.

March 5

So, I almost got to ask Os Guiness which one of us was right, me or John. If you don't know, we kind of have differing views of what he's trying to say in his tape/book The Call. Particularly in regards to secondary call. That is, we all have a primary call, to be His. But we each have different secondary callings that plays itself out in different ways, including, but not limited to, vocation.

John's view I think is that secondary calling is both specific and something that everyone gets. Meaning, God has a specific, particular purpose for you and will communicate that to you somehow. My (I think the rest of us) view is that secondary call is sometimes specific and explicit, but not generally. It's more, we have certain talents and gifts, and we're to use them. Doing that is our call. Not a great overview, but that's the gist. And listening to the tape, it's not crystal clear which view he (Guinness) espouses.

So anyway, I go up to him after his talk on Monday and patiently wait in line. SN. Nate Nutter also asked a question but it came out wrong and sounded like he was asking Os to resolve the free will / predestination debate. Funny to see how he reacted. SSN. Apparently the daughters of one of Guinness' friends was there, and he greeted and left her with a kiss on the cheek. I thought it was odd. SSSN. Os Guinness kind of looks like Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life.

But yeah, I wussed out in the end. Adrian was with me and I think disgusted at my wussiness. He basically said he had to go and could only take one more question, and turned to me. And I literally pointed to the guy next to me. I dunno, I'm just chicken. I was also afraid because I think he might have heard me and Adrian imitating his accent while we were in line.

But he would have said that John was wrong. I could sense it.

March 5

I have this thing with reading periodicals that borders on being obsessive. My habit of reading newspapers front to back is well documented. Anyway, with the magazines I get, I can't throw them away until I've finished them. Meaning, read all of it.

I don't know if you realize how much work this is. It's a lot of reading. I had accumulated a significant backlog. So a couple weeks ago, I devoted myself to reading. And I'm finally caught up. Had to read many issues of Newsweek, Christianity Today, and now (thanks to Henry) Esquire. I'd be exhausted, late at night, having to get up early, and Eric would find me in bed reading. It's not easy.

March 3

Went to hear Dallas Willard at Veritas on Friday. Honestly, it was pretty boring. Interesting content, soporific delivery.

He did say one thing I found absolutely fascinating however. Someone asked what he thinks about people who don't accept Christ as savior but who do live their lives for others and find fulfillment. Are they deceiving themselves? Are they really happy?

His response: he doesn't doubt that they are fulfilled. He thinks there are lots of people who are fulfilled without knowing Jesus. The difference to him is magnitude. You can find some fulfillment apart from Christ. But Christ gives a level of fulfillment that's much deeper, that can't be matched. That's the difference.

I thought it fascinating. Just, I'm not sure I've heard that from a Christian before. It kind of makes me rethink my "testimony". And I dunno, we were studying joy in Bible Study a few weeks ago and this phrase "fullness of joy" kept popping up. I'm thinking maybe it's like that? You can know joy in many ways, but there's only one way to know fullness of joy? I'm not sure, it's just something that talk made me think about.

Os Guinness tomorrow! Woohoo! Who's excited? I'm pretty excited. Finally, my chance to definitely prove that John is wrong (again).

March 2

A few comments on Dave's latest.

I dunno, I thought the funniest song thing we did was going off on one random line in A Whole New World: "Don't you dare close your eyes." Just, we transformed that to bitter invective. Like, "Don't you f-ing dare close your f-ing eyes." And going off. I dunno, it was funny to me.

The reason we got through Part Of Your World is because of me. Dunno if I ever mentioned this, but summer I think it was after 8th grade, I hung out a lot with this friend, kind of an interesting guy, but he would always watch The Little Mermaid. So, any time I went to his house, it was on, so we must have watched it like 30 times over the course of that summer. So yeah, I know the songs really well. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a thing for Ariel. But come on, we all did.

By the way, do you know how old she is in the movie? I dunno, it's disturbing if you think about it.

I guess Dave didn't notice it, but yeah, at dinner, we were making snide comments at the movie we were watching. It was called Deceived, starring Goldie Hawn. Pretty bad. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but when I see the phrase "starring Goldie Hawn", warning bells go off in my head. It's like "Discount sushi".

So yeah, the movie was unsubtle to say the least and me and Dave were leading the way in making comments. Like, something would happen to Goldie and we'd say, "maybe she's been... Deceived?". I dunno, it was funny to me.

The thing was, long story, but there were a bunch of white folks there also. And, did you notice this, Dave? They thought we were hilarious. At one point, one of the guys asked, "do you always watch movies like this?" Just, he was thought we were really funny. I dunno, maybe you disagree with my assessment of the night. But my claim is, me and Dave are hilarious, even to white people. There was one time we were playing Yahoo! Graffiti, and I've written about this before, but seriously, we were the hit of the party. People were dying. And this random Chicago sorority girl was hitting on Dave, we were so funny.

So that's my claim. Me and Dave are funny. And if people don't get it, there's something wrong with them.

February 27

I had the cat biting my hand dream again last night. The weird thing is, as it was happening, I thought to myself, "Hey, it's just like my dream." But I couldn't realize I actually was dreaming. Strange.

February 27

Can you be a heretic and still be saved?

I was reading CT the other day and it was talking about the Trinity and the heresy of modalism, which is the idea that God adopted different persons in different times in history. In the OT, He was Father, in Jesus, the Son, and now, the Holy Spirit. It's heretical because God always was and always will be all three.

The thing is, what the article said was that it's a common heresy among Christians. That struck my eye. The author didn't say it's a common heresy, but that it's a common heresy among Christians. Which implies that you can be a heretic and still be saved.

Which, if I think about it, kind of makes sense. Just, there must be "minor" heresies that you can have and still be saved. I dunno what this would be. Maybe a heresy that Jesus wasn't a Jew? Is that even heresy or just factual error? Where do you draw the line into heresy? Does it have to be about a critical Christian doctrine?

But anyway, yeah, it made me think. There was another heresy the author talked about, that God created man because He needed an object for His love. That in some sense, He was lonely. Nice thought, but heretical, he writes. But again, seemed to imply that it's a heresy held by Christians.

I had not really thought about this before, but yeah, I'm starting to think that maybe heretics can be saved. Which is really interesting, if you think about it.

February 26

Rich Mullins in an interview with 20 The Countdown Magazine:

"Those are the people God can use. And I want to be one of them. If God should use me, that would be great but if He doesn't there is a very interesting thing you can do. In the gospel of Mark or in any of the four gospels, you go through the gospels and you say, what people are absolutely essential to this story? So Mary is essential to the story because Mary had to give birth to Jesus. And you could say, well someone else could have. But lets say that if she wouldn't have done it then the story wouldn't have happened. So, you have God who chose to become flesh, you have Mary who gave Him flesh, you have Jesus who was God in the flesh or who was the child of Mary and God, you have Pontius Pilate who had, in an artificial sense, the power to kill Christ, you have Judas Iscariot who betrayed Christ and handed him over to the bad guys, you have whoever it was that nailed Him up to the cross.

Out of those people that God used to accomplish His will in the gospel, only a couple of them were very nice people. Most of them were bad people. We all want to be useful to God. Well, its no big deal. God can use anybody. God used Nebuchadnezzar. God used Judas Iscariot. Its not a big deal to be used by God and the shocking thing in the book of Mark, and the reason why it is so shocking is because Mark is the briefest of all the gospels but he has these terrific little details and one of the little details is that it says, "and Jesus called to Him those that He wanted." And you realize that out of the twelve people that He wanted, only one was essential to His goal in coming to earth. The other eleven people were useless to Christ but they were wanted by Christ. And I kind of go, I would much rather have God want me than have God use me."

February 24

I've been having this really disturbing recurring nightmare. The way I realize I'm having these nightmares, by the way, is that I have a memory of it and then realize that there's no way it could have happened in real life. Sometimes, though, I get confused and wake up annoyed at someone for something they did in my dream.

So the dream. It's random. I'm playing with a cat (I like cats), and all of a sudden it clamps its jaws on my hand. It really really hurts. And the dilemma is, if I try to pry its jaws open, it just clamps down harder. If I leave it alone, it relaxes somewhat, but as soon as I try to get it off, it clamps down tight again. I can't remember how it ends, but I've had it several times.

I'm trying to figure out what this means. Maybe there's some bad sitation in my life where if I try to get rid of it it just gets worse, but if I leave it alone it doesn't go away. But I can't figure out what that could possibly be.

There's actually another recurring dream I have that I've written about before. Doesn't happen frequently, but I've been having it for years. I'm driving some sort of vehicle down a crowded street. The thing is, I can't see where I'm going. For different reasons. Sometimes, I'm driving in the backseat in a way that it's hard to see the windshield. Other times it's just a bizarre vehicle where I can't really see out the front. But in any case, I'm driving and I'm scared to death I'm going to hit someone. I'm driving blind, and I know it's not going to end well.

I can't figure out what this dream means either. Maybe I feel my life is out of control? That doesn't seem right. Maybe my dreams don't mean anything. But yeah, it's just strange how I have these bizarre recurring dreams.

February 24

I'm down with church discipline. That's pretty much why I do anything at KCPC.

Just kidding.

February 24

I was looking at the sponsors of the Veritas Forum at Stanford, and it's fascinating to me. It looks like Asian Baptist Student Koinonia is still around. I dunno, it's weird to me. Why does every Korean church have to start their own fellowship? There are three fellowships listed on that page that are associated with Korean churches. Two Baptist ones. Is that really necessary?

Anyway, the coolest group by far has got to be IV Faculty. Did anyone even know this existed? The members list is dope. That's seriously awesome.

February 22

John's the only person (besides Jieun) to whom I say "I love you" regularly. I have no idea why that is.

February 21

I hate to admit it, but the women's figure skating thing was pretty entertaining. Too bad they're all so unattractive.

February 21

Found an article on Leonardo DiCaprio and The Beach from that was surprisingly good. It slams Left Behind and Titanic on the way.

Thinking about it, I think I'd give the Beach 4 stars. Flawed movie, but really interesting.

February 21

I'm against giving up things for Lent. Not really, just a little bit. I dunno, I was reading this article in the Merc written by some Catholic priest and he was saying how the spirit of Lent can get lost in the giving up thing. It's not about sacrifice, it's about preparation, he says, and that's the most important thing.

And I dunno, not saying CFC is like this per se, but other people when they only focus on the sacrifice part of Lent, it's not good. You know how Mardi Gras started, right? It's the last period before Lent. The idea is, you live it up and go crazy and indulge in pleasures right before you have to give up stuff for Lent.

February 19

The pictures are good. Eric looks OK - Wong looks hot. This guy was made for a tux. Seriously, Andrew was born in the wrong decade. He belongs in the swinging 50s.

I dunno, for all my alleged clenching, I still don't think I was standing up straight.

February 19

What's the difference between electronic and electric?

February 19

So me and Adrian have had discussions about this, I can't remember if I mentioned it. In my mind, there are clearly classes of restaurants. Even among fast food. Like, at the bottom, you have your McDonald's, Burger King, Jack In The Box. I would say that Jack In The Box is slightly higher than McDonald's, because they offer more higher items, if that makes any sense, like Teriyaki Bowls and Chicken Fajita Pitas and whatever. But they're in the same class. Ditto Arby's.

But then, in my mind, you have your slightly higher class. In my mind, this is where KFC comes in. I'm not exactly sure what the distinction is, but the fact that you need utensils and the extent of their side dishes has a lot to do with it.

The question is, where does El Pollo Loco come in? EPL is definitely better than KFC quality wise, but to me they're still in the same class. This is almost indisputable. They have exact correlations. Both have side dishes, just different. KFC also has sandwiches - El Pollo Loco has burritos. KFC biscuits, EPL tortillas. I dunno, to me it's obvious, but some disagree.

Above that come places like Baja Fresh and Una Mas. Kind of semi-fast food. I'd put Wasabi here also. I think Boston Market also.

I don't really have a point, just saying this is how I arrange the classes of fast food.

February 19

Memento was Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan's favorite movie last year, according to Premiere. The only movie that broke new ground, he says.

February 19

I'm big fan of Balance bars, dunno if anyone else eats them. Anyway, I've done some price comparisons on these at places around the area and here's what I found:

I was shocked first of all at how cheap Trader Joe's was. Trader Joe's really is a great store for certain things. I love that place. I was equally shocked at how expensive they were at Albertson's. Even Fry's has it for significantly less. Weird.
February 19

I'm in favor of tithing 10% gross. That is, before taxes. I don't think it's set in stone or anything, so it's up to everyone's conscience. But in general, yeah, I think tithes should be 10% gross. I did some research on this a while back for a Bible study we were doing on money, and the reasoning behind the 10% gross thing is that we're supposed to give our firstfruits to God. That's the spirit behind tithing gross. And I couldn't really find support for tithing net (after taxes). But again, it's not set in stone.

Me and Jieun once had an argument about this, and as usual, she was right. Just, she was a big gross tithe person, even when it's hard, as a matter of faith, and I was against her as a net tithe person. Then I talked to my parents who basically said, she's right, you're wrong. Also that research for the study. And yeah, that's what I think now.

I'm still confused how the 401(k) works though. Just, if you don't tithe based on that, it makes tithing of investment earnings easier - you just give 10% of whatever you sell. Otherwise, you have to figure out how much of the sale was earnings and tithe that. I dunno, I know this is kind of lame, and the important thing is the spirit behind it and everything, not these arcane details. But just for me, I like/need real guidelines.

February 19

I'm against Henry's thing about me blowing "influences" out of proportion. I wrote about this before, but yeah, I think it's completely valid to get something out of a piece of art that the artist didn't explicitly intend. Not only valid, but necessary. It can't be art without certain ambiguity and the subjectivity of the viewer. Otherwise it's something else. A sermon, or something. But not art.

The other thing is, I dunno, he's got it reversed. It's never that I like a movie and so buy into the message and then blow it out of proportion. Whenever I love a movie, it's because it reminds me of something I already know or believe. Like It's a Wonderful Life. It reminds me of that Bible verse I value a lot. I like the movie so much because it's a reminder of what that verse means to me, and it's something I feel I need reminders of. So yeah, I bought into the verse first, which is why the movie connected so strongly with me. But I value the movie so much because I value the reminder. Not the other way around.

So yeah, it's never that I like a movie or whatever so much that I allow it to influence my life to an untoward degree. It's more that certain movies resonate with me because they remind me of a truth or idea that I value highly. All of my favorite movies are like that.

February 18

Has anyone ever been to P.F. Chang's?

February 18

Is Jamba Juice really that good for you? I dunno, the ingredients to some of their smoothies, it just doesn't seem to provide many nutrients at all. I think I actually went through the nutrition facts thing they have there, and yeah, they provide almost nothing. It's basically empty food fortified with powdered vitamins/protein.

February 17

Taste is the most important thing to me when it comes to restaurants. If it tastes good, that's all I care about. Second is price. Jieun's different. Not that she doesn't care about these things, just, atmosphere is an important consideration for her. Dunno if you've been to Homma's Brown Rice Sushi, but yeah, it's pretty good, but it's about the most ghetto sushi place ever (they serve miso soup in styrofoam cups). And you sit in plastic chairs outside. I like, but Jieun doesn't.

February 17

I'm no stalker, Lt. Tay. Mark told me about your page.

February 15

I can understand why cold countries, mostly white, dominate the Olympics. My question is just, why are there no blacks at all.

I'll just limit it to the U.S. and Canada. Tons of blacks in both countries. Tons of blacks in cold places. Yet, you see virtually no blacks on the ski slopes or on the hockey rinks. In America. Why? That's not a geography thing. I dunno, my theory is it's a socioecomomic cultural thing.

February 15

So I've been thinking about the no blacks playing winter sports thing. Here's my theory. I dunno, maybe it's racist.

So the first thing is that most blacks in the world live in areas that don't really have winters conducive to winter sports. So yeah, that eliminates most of them. But then, that still doesn't explain why they're virtually non-existent in the Winter Olympics. There are plenty of blacks in the countries that compete.

So what I think it comes down to is, money. Just, to do Winter Sports, it costs money. Skiing is totally expensive. Snowboarding. Basically anything in the Winter Olympics, you need certain resources or equipment that aren't accessible to everyone. Whereas with the Summer sports, you don't need much. Doesn't take much to run. Need very little to play basketball or soccer, or whatever. There's no such thing as a running resort.

I'm not saying all blacks are poor, obviously, but it's just a cultural thing, and most blacks tend not to be a part of that culture. I dunno why. I dunno, we need like a Tiger Woods of skiing to get more people into that. Anyway, yeah, that's my claim - it's a socioeconomic thing.

February 15

Previously cast votes no longer matter in ties at Tribal Council in Survivor 4.

February 15

I like the latest Britney Spears single. I'm Not A Girl.

February 14

Allen Barra has an interesting article on the whole figure skating thing, and figure skating in general that's really good if you can get through his obnoxious writing style.

But he makes a couple points I totally agree with. One problem I have with figure skating is not that it's judged, but that it's judged on some notion of aesthetics. The problem is, people around the world have completely different senses of what's beautiful. And with this whole skating controversy, it's not just that the French judge picked the Russians. The majority of the judges picked the Russians. I dunno, you can say it's a conspiracy, and maybe it is, but in general, people around the world have different aesthetic tastes. So discrepancies like this are bound to happen.

February 14

Why are there essentially no blacks in the Winter Olympics? Or relatedly, in the NHL? There are plenty of blacks in the northen U.S., Canada, England, other places. But none in the Winter Olympics. The only ones I can remember are Surya Bonaly from France and Debi Thomas. Why is that?

February 13

The areas labeled 1 and 2 are the same color.

February 13

I'm against programs that use ctrl+ins and shift+ins to copy and paste instead of cntl+c and cntl+v. It just confuses everyone. I can understand maybe terminal programs where cntl needs to be reserved, but ttssh's solution makes the most sense - they switch to alt+c and alt+v. But ctrl+ins and shift+ins, why? Anger.

February 12

Dan Patrick on booing Kobe.

I dunno, I'm all for booing opposing players (you know I boo Scottie Pippen everytime he touches the ball when he plays Houston. I'll even boo Troy Aikman on ESPN Classic until I die) but there's something different about the All-Star Game. You might not see it, but you're obviously missing something, since every sportwriter/sportscaster has spoken against it, and the mayor of Philadelphia felt it necessary to personally apologize to Kobe.

The only person I heard defend the Philly fans was JT The Brick. I dunno, he's funny sometimes, because he's hard core about what he believes in, and screw what anyone else thinks. He recently went off on this rant about how we should close the borders and keep everyone out, keep the undesirable outsiders from ruining this country. I dunno, it was hilarious to me.

As for Raider fans - there's a reason why Rome calls them "battery chuckers by the Bay".

February 11

I went to a friend's daughter's 1 year old birthday over the weekend. Maybe I'm sheltered, but yeah, I didn't realize what a big deal it was. The coolest thing was this thing they do, I don't know if it's a Korean thing or an Asian thing or whatever; like I said, I was clueless about stuff like this. Anyway, they lay out 4 objects in front of her on the table: a small bowl of rice, a spool of thread, a hundred dollar bill, and a pen. Then they sit her down and the first thing she grabs for, represents something that will happen in her life. If she goes for the rice, she'll have lots of children; the thread, long life; the bill, material wealth; the pen, academic achievement (or something like that).

She went for the bill, without hesitation.

Anyway, I dunno, it was interesting to me, so I asked my mom what I chose. She said the pen, or whatever the scholarly one was. So, I'm just curious if other people did this also, and if so, what they chose. Does anyone even know?

February 10

February 10

Remind me never to run Microsoft IIS. I got 4 hacking attempts on on Friday alone. Scary.

I dunno, it's interesting. Almost no one from Stanford reads this page anymore. I guess that's kind of "encouraging". I can't overstate how much of a stoser I am. You know who one of the biggest perusers of my page is, every single day, according to my logs? Me. I dunno, that's just inexpressably pathetic.

By the way, Dave, I think those addresses are dialins to Stanford.

February 8

Morimoto is open in Philadelphia.

February 8

Shiri opened today in San Francisco. The review that appeared in the Mercury gave it 0 stars. New York Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, and Washington Post were positive.

Also, I found out the picture quality problems we saw on the DVD at John's house are problems with the DVD. Apparently, it's a less than perfect transfer.

February 8

Dunno why this is, but, a guy who likes a girl can make a girl who doesn't like him eventually like him. Not make, but, I dunno, she can come around. But this doesn't happen in reverse. No idea why this is, but in my estimation, that is how it is.

So, in my opinion, when a girl likes a guy and it's unreciprocated, she has two options. Either keep on being friends with him with the understanding that he's not going to come around. If she's OK with that, then it's cool. But if she can't stand it, then she has to stop hanging out with them. Just, it's hard to change how you feel, but you can change your external circumstances to minimize how you feel. So stop hanging out.

But yeah, generally, a girl can't really convince a guy to like him and have that work out. Just my opinion, and no idea why that is.

February 8

February 7

So here's one problem I have with figure skating. Just, the way it's set up, it's all about costumes and movement, beauty and grace. The thing is, I'm sorry, but just about all figure skaters are unattractive. The nadir was the Tonya Harding / Nancy Kerrigan era. But it's not that great now. Michelle Kwan isn't ugly, but I mean, not to be too mean, but she must have a bloodhound's sense of smell with that schnozz.

It's not just her. I can't think of a single attractive figure skater. Except one. Ekaterina Gordeeva. Yow.

Don't even get me started with male figure skaters.

So yeah, the contrast between beauty and grace and the way they actually look, makes it hard for me to get into.

February 7

I'm surprised it's only 10 times a day. Seriously, I check parts of jack.html every single time I compile, which is very very frequent, so yeah, my web usage stats make me look like a total stalker/loser. A stoser. But I dunno, that's the programmer's life. What else am I going to do while compiling? I'm sitting in front of a computer, with web access, waiting on something. Not much else I could do, besides maybe practicing curling.

Speaking of which, here's the website of the U.S. Curling Association. They're very excited because NBC is covering 16 curling games, 50 hours worth of coverage.

There's also a local club that meets in San Jose. I dunno, check out the pictures there and try and tell me this sport isn't action packed.

February 7

I'm against the Americans competing for other countries thing. I dunno, do you remember that figure skater a while back, she was Korean-American from I think Orange County that competed for Korea? She was like the worst one on the ice, and she competed first. The first ones to go basically provide the baseline in scores.

I guess it's no different in principle from what I want to do, just, get to the Olympics somehow. It's just, to me, I'm an American. If we went to war with Korea, I'd fight for America. So I dunno, it just doesn't feel right to me to compete for another country. And there are rules saying if you compete for one country, you can't ever compete for another one. So yeah, it doesn't feel right.

Pretty absurd, talking about which country I'm going to represent at the Olympics. But I'm telling you, once my training for curling starts going in earnest, it's going to become an issue.

February 6

A thought I've had was, maybe I should try to dominate a sport that no one plays in the U.S. so that I could go to the Olympics. Like, I dunno, biathlon. I could probably make the U.S. team by default.

Side note. Do you remember this one Winter Olympics when like there was a slalom skier from a place like Egypt? It was obvious that he couldn't ski at all, and he was kind of stepping down the hill. He took so long that he got passed by the next guy going down the hill. Do you understand how absurd that is? It was hilarious, this guy, first time on skies, participating in the Olympics.

So yeah, I dunno, wouldn't it kind of be cool to do something like that? Just, to go to the Olympics. So yeah, if you're interested in getting into curling, let me know. I did a little research and that's the sport that takes the least physical ability. Someday.

February 6

I was reading the paper and it mentioned that after the Patriots won the Super Bowl, there was an impromptu gathering at some public square in Boston about a thousand strong where they celebrated by yelling anti New York Yankee chants.

I dunno, that's just kind of pathetic to me. Their city's pride is defined in their hate for another team's city? Have some dignity, Boston.

February 6

I always loved the Olympics but have watched it less and less lately. I think one reason is, there's too much emphasis on lame sports. In particular, figure skating in the winter and gymnastics in the summer. I dunno, the most compelling events to me are random ones, like can't remember when it was, but that guy from Turkey, "Pocket Hercules" in the weightlifting competition. That was good stuff. Those troubled Dan Jansen years. That's what I find interesting.

February 6

I'm against sports that involve judging, as in judging form or style or stuff like that. I dunno, it just seems too subjective, so it's almost not sport, but like an award. Dunno if that makes sense.

Anyway, did you know the ski jump is half based on judges' scores? Which are based on stuff like form. I dunno, that made me angry. Just, why not just leave it a pure distance contest? That's as pure as you can get. I dunno, the judging part makes no sense to me.

February 5

That's a common criticism of the movie, how he knows he has amnesia if he has amnesia. But he states in the movie, he can "learn" things by repetition, and he becomes conditioned to that. So that explains how it's possible for him to know he has a condition.

There are tons of other theories out there as well (you don't want to know how much I researched on this movie) but yeah, I think an explanation for that criticism is in the movie.

February 5

Merc noted yesterday that the P/E ratio of something - the S&P 500? I think that was it. Anyway yeah, the P/E is currently 60, which is the highest it's ever been, even at the height of the Internet bubble. I dunno, that's kind of scary.

February 5

I'm against non-stick pans. They cause cancer.

February 4

This article on Autism and Silicon Valley is absolutely fascinating.

February 3

We joke that John is Yahiko. Anyway, I was watching an episode of Kenshin and in it, Yahiko says, "I don't care about logic." I literally yelled "John!" John's gonna crap in his pants when he sees the next few episodes. He might even crap in his roommate's pants. Just, everything he loves is in them.

February 3

Only caught the last part of the third quarter and the fourth. Interesting game. I dunno, I know nothing about football. Just, I was getting angry at the Pats defense because they weren't rushing the QB at all. Just, wimpy 3-4 man rushes and very few blitzes. Reason being, all week on sports talk the consensus among everyone was that you had to rush Kurt Warner to have a chance. Meaning, constant, frequent blitzes.

Anyway, Belicheck just mentioned in the post game that they went with the opposite strategy. Just, in the game before they blitzed a lot, but the Rams just countered with a quick 3 step drop and throw. So this time, they focused on covering. So Warner had all the time in the world to throw, but no one to throw to. I dunno, it was opposite what all the talk show people were saying, and it was making me angry, but it totally worked. So yeah, I know nothing.

February 3

I don't understand Asian cuisines' fascination with mayonnaise.

February 3

Not sure if you ever read Crichton's Timeline (interesting, but I think the conclusions reached on the science are flawed) but one thing he hypothesizes is that in the Middle Ages (or is it Dark?) they used nice linens to wipe after defecating.

My question is, when did humans start to wipe? Just, no other animal does it, and they're perfectly fine with it. I guess you can say other animals don't bathe as much. But I dunno, I read that in history the Europeans didn't bathe very often so when they came to Asia the Asians thought they were filthy. If they didn't bathe much and were cool with it, maybe they didn't wipe either.

Maybe it's just me, but I think it would be interesting to find out when humans started wiping.

February 3

I've wondered what Bill Gates' toilets look like. Is it just a normal toilet? Is it high tech? What does a high tech toilet look like? Would the richest man in the world take dumps on the exact same kinds of toilets we peons do? I dunno, it's just something I've wondered.

February 3

So you know those parking garages where you take your ticket with you and pay the cashier before going back to your car. My question is, how much leeway do they give you between paying and leaving the garage? What happens if you pay, then run into a friend and talk for 10 minutes? When you try to insert the paid ticket in the exit gate, will it get rejected? Or is it just paid for and done and that's all it keeps track of? Then could you come back to the cashier like an hour after parking, then leave your car there for 3 more hours? Would that work? Where's the cutoff?

I dunno, I always wanted to experiment but was too afraid to try.

February 3

Had okonomiyaki for the first time. Not a big fan.

I dunno, I think Japan is going down. I don't mean (just) their economy is collapsing. I mean purely in numbers. Dunno if you read this, the birth rate in Japan is slowing down so significantly that at some point in the relatively near future, the population of Japan will start shrinking.

Outside of Japan also. I read somewhere that I think one of every two Japanese-Americans are married to non-Japanese-Americans. Also read that Japantowns around the country are really struggling to survive - there just aren't enough Japanese around to support them anymore. They're becoming either touristy type places or just dying. It's really interesting.

So yeah, I dunno, when our parents were growing up, learning German was important (my parents both took German). There was a time when a lot of businessmen learned a bit of Japanese. If you ask me, the next important language for business is gonna be Chinese. Maybe that's obvious, but yeah, that's the future. I just hope it's Mandarin and not Cantonese, which is objectively the worst sounding language on Earth.

February 2

Authenticity means being true to your beliefs, not being being true to your feelings.

I get bothered when I don't write about spiritual stuff on my page. It's not that I feel some obligation to. It's more, I dunno. I feel like if my walk is doing well, then I'd naturally be thinking about spiritual stuff, and it would just kind of come out on this (stupid) page naturally, you know? It's like an indication of something. So when that stuff isn't here, I dunno, I feel like things aren't right.

Uh, no idea why I wrote that. I dunno, just, I haven't written about the Bible study I'm in at all, but it's pretty much been the only thing that's kept me spiritually sane the past few months. It regularly rocks my world. Seriously, this page should just be "what I learned in Bible study". But anyways.

So the latest thing to rock my world. Adrian just said something that really stuck with I think all of us, the quote above. I dunno, it's just deep to me. Sometimes (often) I think if I'm not being true to how I feel I'm not being "real". But then, my beliefs and my feelings frequently conflict, and in being real to my feelings, I'm being untrue to my beliefs. And true authenticity lies in being true to your beliefs. That's deep.

I dunno, sometimes you may have heard me say stuff like I'm not good at being fake, and that's something I've said with pride. Meaning, if I don't like someone, it's hard for me to hide it, and I act accordingly. I've been proud because I thought I was keeping it real. But I realized that's totally wrong. I may be true to my feelings, but it's totally out of line with what I say I believe, in loving one another. And I've chosen to be true to what's less important. Not good.

Anyway, yeah, it was insightful to me at least. I'll try to share other stuff I've learned in Bible study from time to time, even if you don't care.

February 2

Dunno if you've ever heard of A Magazine. Basically a magazine about Asian American issues. Anyway, if you can, check out the latest issue, the one with Michelle Kwan on the cover. This issue has this article on the hottest spots to "meet" people. It covers several cities - New York, Chicago, others. And of course San Francisco. The vast majority of places listed are bars and clubs, and since I frequent neither, I've haven't heard of any of them.

Except one. On the San Francisco list, they include KCPC. I kid you not. With its address, worship time, and more (dress is heavy on J Crew, it says). It's the only church listed in any city - it's actually just about the only non club/bar listed, so it sticks out like a sore thumb in the article. I dunno, it's totally random, and absurd, if you know anything about dating at KCPC. But yeah, check it out. Totally random.

February 1

Sometimes I'm disturbed at how much I know about movies. Like when Henry mentioned that he's seen every film Brett Ratner's directed. I dunno, I just thought it was sad that 1) I know who Brett Ratner is 2) I could name every film he's directed (and is going to direct) without consulting 3) I've seen every film he's directed also.

Anyway, I saw the ads for Slackers in the paper and figured it must be the film Matthew was working on because I remembered a conversation I had with him about it. He mentioned then that Jason Schwartsmann (sp?) and Devon Sawa were in it, and that's how I remembered. What kind of loser knows who these people are? I dunno, I just think I'm a loser is all.

January 31

I Hung My Head, roughly in 9/8, is also very catchy. But this song is unique among all of Sting's weirdo meter songs in that it's the only one that doesn't have to be 9/8. He could have sung it in 4/4 and it would work.

January 31

Me and Dave both submitted possible plans for a project to Eric. His reply:

"danny's version is doable. dave hong's version can only be described as absurd."

It's surprising how often this statement is true.

January 31

I give As Good As It Gets 2.5/5 stars. I dunno, this movie and American Beauty I just didn't like as much as everyone else.

January 30

Henry's one of the last people I know who still use "gay" as a putdown. Pretty bad. But not as bad as me and Eddie were frosh year. We would use the word "homosexual" as a putdown. Yikes, talk about insensitive. I've grown up, though.

January 30

Like I said, the thing I'm against about Henry, he doesn't feel at all. But I'm against it anyway. I stand by that.

Also, I don't think Henry's unthankful.

January 30

I told Henry this but I'm against his wanting to do what Joann is doing. Actually not really. But kind of.

Just, one of my life influences is It's A Wonderful Life. Love that movie. And in it, George spends his entire life wanting to go elsewhere, to see the world like all his friends are doing, to be somebody, but he's stuck in his small town world. Until he realizes that true value isn't found in going around the world and doing all these "great" things, but in affecting the people around you in your everyday, small life. I dunno, it's hard for me to say how much I'm guided by this.

So yeah, I'm not against traveling and seeing the world and whatever. Just, I'm against being jealous of it or frustrated that you're not doing that. Because, I dunno, to me, the value's not in those things, it's in affecting the people around you in your world, whatever that is. And, I dunno, it's just something that makes me happy. I've never been to Hawaii, Mexico, South America, Europe, Africa, Japan, Australia, or a host of different places. Haven't even been to Washington D.C. But, whatever, no big woop, because my value is in affecting my everyday life.

So yeah, I'm totally against Henry being frustrated by not seeing the world. Thing is, I don't think he's really frustrated about that. But I'm against him anyway.

January 30

I know Dave's going to talk about this later, but I think it's absurd that he considers Sting's music not catchy. Whatever, Dave. Every Breath You Take is so non-catchy that it's the most played song on radio ever.

January 30

I realized something talking to Dave about movies the last time he was around. In regards to movies. Have I talked about my new grading scale? I rate movies on a 5 star scale now. It's actually more like a 4+ scale. Every movie is ranked on 4 stars according to quality. To make it to 5 stars, it needs to first be a 4 star movie, meaning, high quality, no big flaws, whatever. But it also has to change my thinking somehow, or just challenge me intellectually or philosophically.

So, Beautiful Mind. I dunno, others didn't like it as much but for me, I thought it was great all around. Good acting, story, and everything. Nothing I would really change. 4 stars. But, it didn't really challenge me philosophically.

But my 5 star movies, like Shawshank, Pleasantville, It's A Wonderful Life, Memento, etc., they all engage me philosophically, in addition to being well made. So they're 5 star movies. Dunno where something like AI would fit, which was extremely interesting to me philosophically but somewhat flawed as a movie. I actually think the philosophical elements were interesting enough to make it a 4 star movie for me. But anyway.

Anyway, what I realized was that my preoccupation with philosophical movies make me like movies that leave other people cold, like Dark City and maybe Memento. This is in contrast to Dave. And maybe I'm wrong about this, but what he likes in movies are relationships, maybe social dynamic stuff? That's why he likes Casablanca so much. But yeah, I think I value intellectual engagement more than relational issues in movies.

January 30

Re: conversation.

For me, there's two ways to converse. I'm not nearly as analytical as Dave during conversation. At all. I dunno, I just talk, I don't think about it. But thinking about it outside of conversation, this is what I realize. You can either talk or ask questions.

The only real way I know how to converse is by asking questions. Again, not something I think about, just what I do. I'm good at asking questions in conversation and that's how I get the talking going. Also, I ask questions because I'm genuinely interested. I dunno, that's one thing about me. So I'm good at getting people to talk and share.

But when that doesn't work I'm at a loss because I'm not a talker. I can't initiate conversation by talking myself. All I can do is ask questions. I dunno, it's weird like that.

January 30

Re: belts.

I totally relate with you Sam, on the belt holding up pants that are too big thing. Belts were also traumatic. Just because it was hard to find a good looking belt that fit me. So when I found one, it was a treasure. For most of high school / college, I used one of those braided belts, because you could fasten it wherever you want. But yeah, for nicer belts, like for slacks, traumatic. Belts for kids look like belts for kids. But belts for adults don't fit. So I often had to poke my own hole in the belt past the first hole to get it to fit. Don't think many people can relate to that.

January 30

So, another random story of how I felt self-conscious about being skinny growing up.

For a long time, I hated wearing button down shirts. Reason being, I hated tucking in my shirt. Again, I think only a fraction of guys can relate to this but yeah, when a guy who's super skinny tucks in his shirt, it just totally accentuates his skinniness. And that's the last thing you want to do.

So, any time I had to wear a button down, say with a tie or something, I did this thing that some super skinny guys do, where you kind of untuck the shirt a bit, so that it overlaps your belt and gives you like a waist cushion. I dunno if that makes any sense. But yeah, just untucking it a bit to give yourself a bit more mass. Only time I didn't do this was when I wore a jacket, because that totally hides your waist.

It's only recently that I've been comfortable with fully tucking in my shirt. I'm talking like, maybe 3 years ago. Maybe 2. I dunno, I could go on forever about how self-conscious I was about being skinny and weak growing up. Integral aspect of my childhood.

Just a little more. Hated getting suits growing up. Or pants for that matter. Nothing fit me. I was probably a 26 or 27 waist, and dunno if you know this, but it's really hard to find pants that small. And it's so small it doesn't look right. So yeah, shopping was always traumatic.

Last story. One Sunday in college I was home in Houston, late for church, and I grab a pair of khakis. And I put it on and it fits, but it's super tight. Doesn't feel right at all. So I figure, this must be an old pair of khakis, must have outgrown them. So I take them off to check the size and the label says: 4 (or may have been 2 - don't remember). They were my sister's khakis. And I fit into them. I dunno, I'm a skinny guy.

January 30

Not too famous?? Max Weinberg is Bruce Springsteen's drummer. If that's not famous, I don't what to know what is.

January 29

My sister's teaching first grade and apparently her kids are hilarious. Anyway, she had them write letters to Santa, and some of them were pretty funny. Here are some of them. I'm changing the names.

                                       December 5th
Dear Santa, Dont forget the snak I lade owt for you ok.  Rudolph is my
                  Love Andrew

                                       Decemder 5
Dear Santa, How is Dasher?  I dont meen that I dont meen I dont care abat
the other one by the way how are the other one?
                  Love Hilary XOXOXOXOXOXOX

December 5th
Dear Santa, I hap that rodoff is fin  I hap that he is fin I hap you are 
not to fat and you are cyout [cute]? Love

                                       December 5
Dear Santa,
How are you?  How is rodoff?  I thankck your handsam and you are nice and 
I am goin to give you some coocie.

                                       December 5
Dear santa,
     I holp you like your snacks?  kos I now I will lik the presents that
you give me.  and specking of presents I haveent told you wot I want yet.
Anyway, she also had them do New Year's Resolutions. If I understand things correctly, she had them try to use three sentences. Anyway, here are some of them, again, names changed.
My New Year's resolution for 2002 is to clean my dog but when I come home
she is not clean.


My New year's resolution for 2002 is not eating to mutch junkfood.  I
alwase eat junkfood at my dads.  My dad lets me eat junk food.


My new year resolution for 2002 is teach my brother every day.  because
my brother does not like to speak.


My new year's resolution for the year 2002 is to teach my brother that
mans isn't a word.  Because he started when he was 3 1/2 and I didn't
know it.  Because he was smart.  (Illustration has a boy saying, "I'm
gono play with the mans."  Girl replies, "No it's men.")


My new years resolution for 2002 is to stoq listtning to my brothers
conphersatoin on the phone.  because he beat meup.  and I donot like it!


January 28

I like the travelogues, Dave. I guess I'm the only one.

I liked all the pictures everyone has posted also. Good stuff.

January 28

I'm not going to defend it too strongly, because it is kind of an absurd song, which is why it's one of my favorites. SN. There are songs out there that I know are problematic for whatever reason and I like them anyway. Is that bad? Like Draw Me Close. Never mentions God or Jesus. Could very much be a romantic love song. Problematic. I still like it. Or in Come, Now Is The Time, the line "gladly choose you now" is kind of funky to Reformed people. But I like it also. Sang both on Sunday.

But anyway, the song's absurd but not as bad as Dave makes it out, I think. Here are some things he brought up:

But what it looks like physically is up for interpretation. Personally, I'm extremely compelled by Dave's interpretation. Extremely compelled.
January 28

It's hailing.

January 27

I'm going to have Dave dance upon injustice at my wedding.

January 27

Henry you fool, I wrote about Andy Crouch in CT. But whatever. I thought I wrote about Balmer also but I guess I didn't (I took Busto's class junior year). For some reason I got a negative impression about the book. Maybe I read about it elsewhere.

January 26

I've thought about attaining super powers also. Stopped thinking about invisibility, though. Just, if it were physically possible, you'd most likely be blind, since light goes right past your eyes, instead of being registered, and that severely limits its usefulness.

My conclusion is that if I ever got powers, it would damage my faith. Just, I'm not sure if I could reconcile the existence of superpowers with my current conception of God. But anyways.

January 26

I realized something in Bible study last night. I have this thing about sharing things the "right" way that I don't think anyone understands. Just, I feel you can share in a way that's encouraging, or share in a way that's almost gloating, for lack of a better word.

I guess what I realized is that I feel this way because this is my struggle sometimes. We were going through 1 John 3, talking about loving each other, and John brings up Cain, and not to be like him. What I realized is that I can relate to Cain. Just, sometimes when people "share", instead of getting encouraged, I get jealous. That I guess God is using someone else but not me. Like Cain, I guess, that God's accepting someone else's sacrifice and not my own. So yeah, this sharing the right way thing is probably more about my pride than anything else. Dunno if this makes sense, but yeah, I think it makes sense in the chapter.

But anyway, I realized something else last night. What we do is we keep track of our prayer requests in this journal we have, and as I was reminded of some of my past requests I realized that they'd all been answered. I dunno, that was really encouraging to me. Along with reading how God answered Dave's prayers for just 1 Christian friend I was just reminded that our prayers are not in vain.

January 24

January 24

I went to the post office and the vending machines there return change that's a dollar or more in $1 Sacagawea (sp?) coins. The only things on the planet that use them. So, randomly, I decided to try one on the vending machine at work, even though the machine said insert nickels, dimes, or quarters. And it worked! I dunno, I thought that was cool.

If you ask me, they should just get rid of one dollar bills so people are forced to use the coins. They last way longer so it saves the government money on production costs, I think. And they should just get rid of the penny and nickel entirely, and have dimes be the lowest coin. Nickels and pennies - what a waste of resources.

January 24

I totally relate to Eric's weakness thing. Growing up, I was always super skinny and weak - hated those fitness tests we had to do, totally remember the hang thing that only the girls did. Did I ever mention this? There was a period of maybe 6 years where I never swam with people I knew because I didn't want to take off my shirt, I was so skinny. I dunno, I think that insecurity in being skinny and weak had a huge effect on who I am.

January 23

Tonight I randomly decided to listen for a while to 100.7 The Bridge, another Christian station in the Bay Area.

I was really impressed. Just, an incredible mix of music, stuff you don't hear on like K-Love, and minimum crap. I was shocked - I didn't know there was Christian music that was that good out there. Like, they played a lot of Delirious? A lot of dope black sounding music. This dope mix of DC Talk's The Hard Way that I bet everyone else has heard but me that was incredible.

Also played Lifehouse and P.O.D., something you wouldn't expect on a Christian station - ballsy. And then the last song I heard was Jars of Clay's Fade To Grey, one of most energetic songs ever made, which of course means CCM radio stations don't play it. I nearly peed in my pants.

I dunno, I hadn't yet come across a Christian station that I wouldn't be embarrassed to play with a coworker in the car but the Bridge might be it. Good stuff.

January 23

There's a gas station that's quickly becoming one of my favorites. Yes, I have favorite gas stations. #1 is probably still the Shell on El Camino near 87. Relatively cheap, you get the 5% Shell Mastercard discount, and a free car wash. Hard to beat.

#2 I think is now the Shell just off of 101 on Bowers. It's even cheaper than the other Shell, and if you fill up with at least 8 gallons, you get a free hamburger at the McDonald's next door. Kind of a random promotion. But it's great. Sometimes, a McDonald's hamburger hits the spot. And it's free!

Why am I cheap like this? No clue. Like, someone was mentioning how it's odd how people spend tons of money to go to an NBA game and then go crazy when the team scores 100 and they get a free Chalupa worth less than a dollar. It is crazy. But that's me.

January 22

Have I mentioned how Streams is one of my favorite CDs? Let me say it again. It's rapidly becoming one of my very favorites. I'm going to put it in my top 5. Tracks 2-8 are all amazing. Incredible texture and mood - just beautiful. 1st track Cindy Morgan and track 9 Burlap To Cashmere are just OK, and track 10 Point of Grace I could do without, but tracks 2-8... wow. It even includes a Peter Gabriel cover. That's ballsy. And Delirious? with Amy Grant duet. I'm drooling. Buy a good pair of headphones and immerse yourself in this album.

January 21

January 21

Had a dream the other night. I was with Andrew Wong. We saw a Chinese bakery and he suggested we try it. So we do. Total comes to $1.19. I pull out a ten dollar bill and a quarter. Cashier gives me $0.06. "I paid with $10" I say. "No you didn't," she replies. "Yes I did," I respond. "Well, usually when you come here, you only pay with 2 pennies," she says. No idea what she's talking about. Outraged, I just leave without the food and vow to contact the Better Business Bureau and a host of other agencies.

As I'm leaving, I see one of the employees - Kevin Lee's younger sister. I'm outraged that she would work at such an unjust store. I keep walking and suddenly I'm with a coworker, who suggests we go to McDonald's. So we do. And perusing the menu, I see that this particular McDonald's now serves duck. Regular, large, and super-size.

January 21

Rumor has it one of the contestants on Survivor 4 is a Stanford student.

January 16

Found a site that discusses scoring in Nokia Snake. I'm pretty excited.

January 16

I was talking to a friend about this. Here's something I don't get about myself. In public, I can be an extremely outgoing, friendly guy. Like, I very often strike up conversations in stores and whatever. Me and Jieun had great conversations with these people at the makeup counter at Macy's. Got more free stuffs than she's ever gotten before and a free makeover.

But then, at work, I don't say a word. Totally reserved, shy, and to myself. Why the disconnect?

January 16

I recently played a perfect game of Snake on a Nokia cell phone. Meaning, I completely filled up the screen. It's not that hard, it just takes stubbornness and a pathetic social life. The sad thing is how into it I got. My heart was beating out of my chest, my armpits were damp - it was crazy. I'm a loser.

Actually, even sadder is the fact that I did it again yesterday, with my coworker's phone. The weird thing is, I got a different score each time. So now I want to play again to figure out how the scores could have been different. I think if you play different levels, you get different amounts of points. But I need to check to find out.

January 16

I think I'm pretty good right now with road rage. I don't get riled up. Some people say they yell to let off steam, but I dunno, I think it's better not to have steam to be let off.

But there's one thing that enrages me. It's when someone does something that's clearly their fault, then glare at me as if I did something wrong. Seriously, nothing makes me angrier. I then become an insane driver, like tailgating at 80 MPH, going out of my way to follow them and creep them out, and other terrible wicked things. If I can get next to them at a stop light, I just sit there and stare at them. It's not good.

January 16

Yesterday I bought a tangelo. That's a fruit that's a cross between a tangerine and a pomelo, which is like a grapefruit. It was OK, although I couldn't really tell how different it was from an orange. Supposedly it tastes more like a tangerine. Nice thing is, no seeds and it's easier to peel.

January 15

100% agree that LoTR and Star Wars are in the same category. Just happens that I'm on the outside in LoTR and somewhat on the inside with Star Wars. But absolutely they're the same. And people on the outside of Star Wars are legitimately bored by Star Wars discussions. Star Wars people (me included) are losers.

That said, I think there are more reasons to get on the inside with Star Wars than LoTR. But without question, they're the same category.

January 14

The thing that's most making me like FoTR less is that thread on the jbb. Completely incomprehensible. The posts have some form of English syntax but no perceptible semantics. I'm glad everyone likes it, and I'm not going to tell anyone to stop, because it's fun for them; they should continue. But for me, it may be the boringest JBB thread ever, including things that Mark and Michelle have posted to.

January 13

The more I think about Fellowship of the Ring the less I like it. I mean, I liked it, but the more I hear people talking about how great it is just reminds me how I didn't think it was great, and that makes me like it less. So right now it stands at 3/5 stars. I should probably see it again.

January 13

I loved Ocean's Eleven. 4 out of 5 stars. Not sure why, just, it was well crafted and I dunno, just cool. It just worked for me.

Here's a random thing I liked. His transitions. You know, like George Lucas has his little wipe thing he does. Dunno why, but I liked the transitions in Ocean's 11. The person walking by wipe. Actually, a lot of wipes like this. I dunno, I just liked it. He actually frequently has interesting editing like this. Like he does that weird edit where the sound is continuous but the visual edited, if that makes sense, I think to convey time passing? Not sure. He did it in the Limey, Erin Brockovich, and Michael Douglas' scene before some committee. In Out Of Sight, he did this thing where he'd like pause a frame during a scene or as a transition. I liked the Out of Sight thing, not the other.

I've actually seen a lot of Steven Soderbergh movies. In order of how much I enjoyed them, they're Out Of Sight, Ocean's Eleven, Traffic, Sex, Lies and Videotape, Eric Brockovich, and The Limey. Not that anyone cares.

January 11

Dolph Lundgren has a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney, Australia, and received a Fulbright Scholarship to MIT. He also starred as He-Man in the 1987 feature film Masters Of The Universe. Costarring Courteney Cox.

January 11

Andy Crouch, the "Cry of the Poor" pianist from Urbana '96 wrote an article for the latest Christianity Today. He mentioned that 34% of Harvard students see a therapist or take drugs for depression. Wow.

January 10

It wasn't you, Darlene. It's kind of complicated, but basically me and Jieun didn't feel like moving. It had absolutely nothing to do with you.

January 8

Is it just me or do people in the city (San Francisco) dress better than people in the South Bay?

January 8

I have this occasionally recurring dream where I'm in a classroom and realize that I haven't done any work at all for the entire quarter. It's not that I'm about to take a test which I haven't studied for. That's irrelevant, because even if I aced the test, I wouldn't pass the class, having done no other work all quarter. In the dream I'm always asking myself, "what were you thinking?" and feeling ruined because now it's too late to drop, it will be on my record, I have to retake it so I'll be around for at least another quarter...

After I wake up it takes me a little bit of time to realize, wait, I'm done with school. I don't have to take tests anymore. I'm not behind on anything. It's pretty disorienting.

My parents tell me they still have these dreams, and they haven't been in school for decades. Weird.

January 8

I was actually impressed by the Christian radio station in Los Angeles - the Fish. Pretty good variety. I was listening one night and they played Meltdown by Steve Taylor. Relatively obscure 80s alt-Christian. I was impressed.

Also, random, but I heard this Christian song (I Can Hear You by Carolyn Arends) playing in Bath and Body Works. I asked them who picks the music and they said they get the tape from headquarters. I thought that was interesting.

I slam LA a lot but one thing about the place is that there a lot of good churches there. The Bay Area doesn't compare. Especially with 2nd generation Asian-American churches. And that's something I admire.

January 8

Gas is cheaper in southern California than it is in Houston.

January 8 is pretty amazing. It's like an archive of every Usenet post ever, preserved for posterity. And you can do searches on names and whatever. So George's posts about the Phoenix Suns on will last forever.

I was reading the posts I made and I don't know what I was thinking. Just kind of immature and lame. Actually, everything I've ever written seems immature and lame after about 2 years.

Anyway, I was thinking, what if we just took over a random newsgroup? Like It would be like a bulletin board, and would be backed up forever by Google. I guess we don't need it because we have the jbb and maybe not everyone has access to newsgroups. But it would be interesting.

January 7

Brea Mall is the largest shopping mall (total rentable retail space) in the U.S.

January 7

A Beautiful Mind - 4 stars (out of 5). I liked it a lot.

January 7

John's family has a widescreen Mitsubishi TV and maybe it's just me, but the picture didn't look that great. Even watching an anamorphic DVD. Do you need a line doubler? I dunno, it was weird.

January 7

I think some Christians have an infantile attitude in regards to alcohol and sex. Just, I was with a group of Christians lately and the way we were talking about alcohol was just lame. I dunno what it is. Maybe just that it's taboo for so long that once it becomes OK we get obsessed with it? It's not exactly that. But it was like, "ooh, we're drinking alcohol, how dangerous." Actually, it's not even that. I don't know how to explain it, it was just an immature fixation.

January 7

Yesterday me and Arthur saw the most random sight. On the steps to our apartment was sitting a huge praying mantis. I'm not entirely certain I've ever seen a praying mantis in real life. And definitely not outside of a museum. But there it was, hanging out on our steps. Utterly random.

January 6

I spent New Year's watching Pride with Jay Lee. Pride is like a newer Ultimate Fighting Championship. No holds barred fighting. Pretty much everything is allowed. Punching, grappling, kicking, knees to the face, whatever. One fight I saw ended when a fighter's collarbone snapped, causing this huge protrusion on his shoulder (although it didn't break the skin).

In fact, it's easier for the announcers to explain what isn't allowed. No hitting the groin. No something or other to the back of the head. But what I thought was hilarious was one announcer saying, "and of course, no elbows to the head". Of course not. You can knee him in the head all you want. But no elbows to the head. That would be barbaric.