I’m in the Tresidder Lair, using a Power Macintosh 7100/80.

You know, Tresidder is probably misspelled about as often as it is
spelled correctly. Isn’t that fascinating?

Alright, let’s face it, the only people who are reading this is Dave,
Clara, and possibly Kevin. Let’s just admit it. So I’ll just say hi to
you guys right now. Hey guys. What’s up?

OK, so I have a hate club, but Clara Kim has a fan club? Does that make
sense to you? What’s the deal? What’s the criteria for being liked around
here? Posture?

It is Beverly Yang’s birthday today. So we had the usual big ole’ bash
get together, and all that. And it was good, you know? It’s just that
it’s the third one in less than a week. After a while, it gets a bit
much. Anyway, I figure as FiCS keeps growing, sooner or later we’ll be
having a celebration every day. Imagine that.

You know, when it becomes a standard thing, it almost cheapens it a
little, you know? Like, it doesn’t become special anymore.

Like last year, they somehow got a whole bunch of people who obviously
didn’t know me too well, as they came to Junipero lounge to celebrate my
birth. You know, it was good and all, but I would have been just as
happy, maybe happier, just hanging out with my close friends. Because
that’s what matters most to me.

Like last year, when Dave Hong sent me the
skinned skunk and those dead roses, it was like, wow, he remembered!
Thanks, Dave.

Why I should be allowed to be a full-fledged Clarafan

  • I check her updates every hour, on the hour
  • I know her better than other people there. Like Dave Hong. What’s up
    with that? Has he ever even seen the inside of her room? Huh? Tell me,
    Dave, you punk. I know, it’s just part of your conspiracy. I get it.
    First Michael W. Smith, now this. Well I’m not gonna let it happen.
  • David Hong obviously doesn’t want me to be in
    the club. That should be a clear sign to everyone that I should. Because
    by definition, everything David Hong wants is evil.
    Therefore, it is clearly God’s will that I be a full-fledged Clarafan.
  • I need it to give meaning to my otherwise empty life.
  • Because I’m such a good friend to her. I’ve never ever offended,
    annoyed, irritated, bothered, or repulsed her in a bumptious manner. As
    opposed to most people. I mean, I’ve offended, annoyed, irritated,
    bothered, or repulsed other people, bumptiously.
  • Wait a second; should I have wrote that? It might be taken the wrong
    way. Jeez, I hope it’s not annoying. It’s not, is it? I’m sorry. I’m just
    an annoying person. Ugh.
  • If you support me in my quest to be a Clarafan, I will: 1) Be on your
    Trivial Pursuit team 2) Never ever use the words “call” and “elders” in
    the same phrase 3) Teach you the secret “cheese” method; praise will
    never be the same again 4)Make Dave Hong shower since

    Dave Hong did not shower from Tuesday morning until Saturday night, a
    period of five days. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, five days without a
    shower. That’s Dave Hong, dhhong@leland.stanford.edu,

  • Thank you for your support.

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