Random things that have happened to me:

  • I found out my sister went to the prom with some white guy.
  • I saw Dave Hong, Henry Hsu et al lead praise at PBC. They were pretty
    good (surprisingly… j/k, dave. You know I love you). Scott Scruggs liked
  • I’ve been listening a lot to The Lust The Flesh The Eyes and the Pride
    of Live by the 77s. Good song. I dig.
  • I saw 12 Monkeys 2 weeks ago. I loved it.
  • I wrote an 18 page Lab Report for Bio. The Leo Hsu standard.
  • I resisted the terrible urge to lick the multicolored colonies of
  • I sowed the seeds for another testimony on the Anti-Chai page. (I
    won’t tell you how).
  • I saw Ben Chang lead praise at IV large group for the first time.
  • I played 3-man Marathon 2 a bunch of times. It’s fun.
  • I missed a midterm. That’s right, I just totally missed it. I had been
    up studying until 7:30, then was dead so I said, dude, I gots to take a 1
    hour nap. So I sleep, and then don’t wake up until 11:20 (the midterm was
    at 10:00. So I missed it. It seemed surreal when I woke up, like this
    can’t actually be happening. But it was. Crazy stuff, ay?
  • I played Charades in Bio Lab. There was this 30-minute waiting period,
    so they’re like, do whatever you want, so you know, me and Val, being the
    wild and crazy people we are, say, let’s go outside and play. The weather
    was so nice and perfect for outdoor playing. She wanted to play Red Rover
    but that didn’t work as Jelin Yen didn’t want to break her arms. I wanted
    to play Zoo, or Dooby Dooby Dip, or Toilet Tag, but that didn’t work out
    either. So we ended up playing charades. Let me tell you this. Don’t ever
    play Charades with Jen Lee. She basically cheated and said “Three.” That
    was basically all she could get across. The answer was Indiana Jones and
    the Last Crusade. Figure that one out, cuz we sure can’t. John Yoon
    thought it was Dead Man Walking. John Yoon is cool.
  • I talked to my friend at Wesleyan.
  • I saw The Truth About Cats and Dogs. Some parts were kind of too much
    for me, but overall, I liked it. In fact, I loved it. It was a movie that
    needed to be made (in PG, not PG-13, as it was). Good flick.
  • I worked out. Man, oh man, am I weak. It’s been three days now and I’m
    sorer than ever. I hurt! Dude, I did this one exercise, this leg thing,
    where you lie on your back then lift these weights with your legs. Anyway,
    I start doing it, and it was so heavy I thought I was going to die. But I
    had to do it, you know? So I’m straining with all my might, my face is all
    contorted in the weirdest positions. And the odd thing was, with every
    lift, my butt muscles were killing me. My butt muscles! What the heck?
    Anyway, it killed me. So after I finish, I get up. And my back is
    killing me. I strained it bad. But the worst thing was, I blacked out, not
    seriously, just you know how when the blood rushes from your head. Anyway,
    that happened. Then for like the next 2 minutes, I couldn’t see right. It
    wasn’t like I couldn’t focus, or that it was grey, I just couldn’t see
    right. It’s kind of hard to explain, I guess. Anyway, that was funky. Then
    after a while my ears started ringing. I was like, what the heck? How the
    heck did I do an exercise so wrong? I felt like a loser. Anyway, that’s my
  • I have an interesting life, I think. A bunch of weird things happen to
    me. It’s odd. Ok, so we’re coming back from sailing, right, in this big
    van. And in the front of the van are 3 girls. So we’re driving then this
    car pulls up alongside us, and they go, hey what’s that say on your
    license plate? And they respond “Sailing Virginia”. And they go “Oh, we
    thought it said saliva or something like that.” Then this is weird, they
    ask them “Hey do you wanna go smoke a joint?” Isn’t that random? I’d never
    even heard of that before. Anyway, they said no.
  • So I ate dinner in Kimball today. The whole time, Glen Shimbo keeps
    pestering me about doing the Smurf dance. What’s up with that? This thing
    has spread way too far. Anyway, he was doing it all wrong, which makes
    sense, as Dave Hong taught him it, and Dave Hong doesn’t know the first
    thing about proper Smurf dancing protocol.
  • So I wore my Tevas the past few days because it’s been so hot, and
    they make my feet stink! Like mad! It’s crazy stuff!
  • Dave, how’s this for detail, huh? Where’s that DanFan club?
    Should I go into more detail for you?
  • I brushed my teeth with a 73 day old toothbrush and Cool Mint Tartar
    Control Crest toothpaste in the leftmost sink in the 1st floor Serra
    bathroom. I brushed in circular motions for appromately 1 minute, 13
    seconds, then rinsed using cold water from the faucet in the leftmost sink
    in Serra 1st floor bathroom. I then took 2 steps to the right to get paper
    towels, then got paper towels, then used them. I then throwed the paper
    towels, which I had got from the paper towel dispenser in the 1st floor
    bathroom at Serra, having brushed my teeth in the aforementioned bathroom
    at the sink noted above, in the garbage, which was also in the 1st floor
    bathroom at Serra, which is where I live. The 1st floor of Serra, not the
    bathroom which is on that floor, where I reside.
  • I realized that I have no life.

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