Why is it that old people think picking your nose in public is acceptable? Like you’ll be talking to them, and they’re talking to you, and while they’re talking, they’re nonchalantly picking their nose. Is is that they think you don’t notice? Or that it’s socially acceptable? That really confuses me. Like what do you say to someone while they’re doing that? Do you go, “Eww, that’s gross!”? or maybe “Do you really think I can’t see you doing that?” Or do we cheer? “Aww yeah, that was a huge one!” Whatever; it’s an uncomfortable situation, even for me.

You know, a Bio lab is a kind of cool place. Here you have pretty smart people from all over the world. The crazy thing is, most of them don’t speak English as their primary language. Like there are people from Spain, the Middle East, and China all in my lab. Most of the time I can’t understand them at all. But somehow, at lab meetings, they seem to communicate and understand each other through each other’s different accents. It’s actually kind of cool.

Now that I think about it, I guess it’s kind of inspiring too. That even with language getting in the way, they can still communicate what they mean. I guess I hope to one day get through the clumsy words me and my friends use with each other and get to know what they truly feel. That’s pretty hard to do, even when you do speak the same language.

Why is it that cockroaches choose to move to the center of the room before they turn over and die? Why can’t they like go to the trash or something?

When Optimus Prime transformed into the truck, where did his trailer come from? And where did it go when he transformed back? And how come the Decepticons could fly but the Autobots couldn’t? And what was the name of
the guy in the wheelchair? And how come the toy was JetFire but on the cartoon he was SkyFire?

Who the heck came up with the idea for neckties? Isn’t that kind of random?

In fact;

  • When do fish sleep?
  • What do restaurants that specialize in potato skins do with the rest of the potato? What do restaurants that specialize in frogs’ legs do with the rest of the frog?
  • Why are there more holes in the mouthpieces of a telephone than in the earpiece?
  • What exactly is one hour Martinizing?
  • What flavor is bubble gum supposed to be? Why is bubble gum usually pink?
  • Why do girls throw like girls?
  • Why are there so many ads for the Yellow Pages in the Yellow Pages?
  • What is Goofy?
  • Why do things take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery?
  • Why do telegrams end in STOP instead of a period?
  • Why do we have to close our eyes when we sneeze?
  • Why do donuts have holes?
  • How did Romans do mathematical calculations with Roman numerals?
  • How come some ice cubes turn out cloudy and others clear?
  • Why are most pencils yellow?
  • Why do you need to use #2 pencils on ScanTrons?
  • Why are socks angled 120 degrees when the foot is angled 90 degrees?
  • Why are there no A or B sized batteries?
  • Why do fingernails grow faster than toenails?
  • Why is there an expiration date on sour cream? If it expires, will it get more sour?
  • Who translates the mail when a letter is sent from the U.S. to a country with a different alphabet?
  • Why are toilet seats in public restrooms split in the front? Why not private ones?
  • Where is Donald Duck’s brother? You know, Huey, Dewey and Louie’s dad?
  • Why do escalator handrails move at different speeds than the escalator?
  • Why isn’t there a grade E in school?
  • Why is yawning contagious?
  • Why don’t you ever see really tall old people?

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