Yesterday the lights went out at Stanford for quite some time. Kind of creepy. Where were you? As I was telling some people, I was in Philosophy 80 section. It’s weird, cuz in this section, people don’t talk like normal. They talk like Henry Hsu, frequently using words like “granted,” or “indeed” or “I concur.” Very sophisticated, a la Hsu. Anyway, after the lights went out, they were all, oh the lights are out, then continued right away. No pause at all. Really odd, I thought. So we conducted 40 minutes of Philosophy section in the dark. Interesting. In fact, they wanted to stay – time was up but everyone stayed. I left after 1 hour 5 minutes. In fact, they may still be there, discussing the compatibility of determinism with free will. Maybe I should go visit.

In any case, as I was biking back, it was seriously freaky. No lights anywhere (I was by the quad) except for these big ol trucks shining their headlights. And it was pretty quiet too. Kind of strange. It just felt very empty and very alone. I could look up and see stars. It’s kind of like at camp when you walk back to the cabin from the kitchen and it’s really dark and creepy. It also reminded me of that Twilight Zone episode where there’s no one in the whole town. I just felt alone. Kind of scary, but really cool as well. I think maybe they should do things like that regularly.

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