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Henry Hsu’s thoughts page!!!

I was looking at Dave’s page o’ heresy and was disturbed that it is populated solely by members of KFBC. Which is odd because we are all apostles.

I saw this Pizza Hut box, and you know, there’s a ton of tie ins to the Star Wars trilogy going on. And you know, I thought it was interesting that they powers that be chose to tie into Pizza Hut and not like McDonald’s or Burger King, probably the more standard ones. But then Pizza Hut and Taco Bell and KFC are all tied together, and I figure collectively they’d get more exposure. I thought that was interesting.

Anyway, they have these Pizza Hut “coloring boxes” with Star Wars characters now. Am I the only one who finds these things inane? I can’t be. But this is the thing. Each coloring box has a primary figure that dominates the box space. Anyway, the first one I saw (at KCPC 2 weeks ago) had Darth Vader. Now, the last time I checked, Darth Vader was black colored. What the heck? What more are you going to color the picture? Fill it in with a black marker so you only see a big black splotch? Inane, no? Then tonight in Tresidder I saw one with a Storm Trooper. And Storm Troopers are white, right? I feel bad for these kids, they’re all excited and stuff to get a real Pizza Hut Star Wars coloring box then they realize that they’re done coloring before having done anything. “Yay… it’s white already. I’m done. Woo.” Poor kids. Maybe Dave Hong will have fun, since he’s color blind (cf. his purple Florida Marlins jacket).

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