I realized today how much of a slacker I am. So I’m biking back to Yost, and for some reason start thinking about the draw and how things turned out. By the way, I’m in Serra again, in Dave Hong’s current room. Come visit! The smell should have dissipated by next year. At any rate, I suddenly realize that I never accepted my housing assignment! I just kept putting it off and never did it, and I think Eddie said it had to be done on Sunday and here it is it’s Monday then all of a sudden just like that I’m suffering through a major crisis and am unsure what to do all these crazy thoughts go into my head what if I’m unassigned what will I do and also for the summer I’m screwed since I had just counted on living in Mirrielies and I am fully incapable of finding housing maybe I can go to some office what time is it 6:30 too late to go now which office to I have to go to anyway is it housing but where is that again is it by the parking office which i went to for the first time when I got my car and thought what a random place to have this office or the registrar i know what i’ll do i’ll say i thought i accepted but i for some random reason double checked and it had me unassigned and i have no idea why you must help me and i’m pretty confident it will be okay because Lord knows i’ve missed a few deadlines before and gotten through it why am i so stupid but what if they ask why i double checked will they buy it if i say the spirit of the sovereign lord was upon me but maybe it would be cool to live somewhere random by myself ah maybe not but i have some evidence i meant to since i went to inhouse draw and turned in summer housing forms they have to do something for me right wait maybe i did accept it and just can’t remember having done it i mean that’s at least possible right?

At any rate, in the matter of nanoseconds, I was fine, just enjoying a pleasant bike ride back to Yost and then all of a sudden I’m having a major crisis. Yikes. So I go to the cluster and get onto Axess and choose 10: Housing and Dining and find that I can still accept; the deadline is 6/4/97 and it is 6/2/97. So I was OK!

The whole problem is I had no idea whether I was OK or not. It sucks. That’s been the story of my academic life; I never know what’s going on. Like I have never known about in-house draws; I just count on other people telling me. I’m always finding out I have a problem set due tomorrow, forms due soon, a midterm I was supposed to go to yesterday. No longer. From now on, I will know what I’m supposed to be doing. For example, I found out today that my CS finals are on Monday and Tuesday. I hope that’s not this Monday and Tuesday. Yikes.

So that’s a story of my irresponsibility.

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