“Sound doctrine.”

Don’t use Netscape Mail. This afternoon at work I wasted like an hour because I decided to fiddle around with Netscape Mail. So I press the button that says “Get Mail” or something like that and wow! All my mail messages appear there. But then I try and use pine on my xterm window, and it says “inbox opened with 0 messages.” Ack! So I have no idea what to do – I figure out that the mail messages in netscape are saved in a file at .nsmail/inbox so I try copying that to a file inbox in my /mail directory. But that doesn’t work. So I try naming the file “Inbox” and “INBOX” and try copying it to my root directory also and changing the configurations on Pine but none of that works. So I log on my leland account and try and figure out how that works, I mean where the mail file actually is, but it turns out on the leland servers, the file is actually – I don’t know what to call it, but it’s like a remote link to another directory that’s not listed. Actually I figure out where it is but it doesn’t help cuz the leland servers and the daimler benz server are set up differently. So I go back and finally find that when I quit pine, it shows the directory where the inbox is saved. (FYI, it’s usr/spool/mail/chai here). So I copy the mail file from .nsmail/inbox as usr/spool/mail/chai and everything turned out OK. But what a headache. The lesson: don’t press the get mail button on Netscape Mail. It’s just not worth it.

I played basketball tonight with Eddie Ahn, John Yoon, and Ernest Lee. (Mark, we are really sorry that we missed you. Next time.) It was fun. Anyway, after we played we played a pickup game with these high school students on some program. Possibly like CTY – maybe it is CTY; I don’t know. Anyway, it was fun playing with them. Their names were Ryan, Young, Tommy and Omar.

The thing that depressed me was how they had to be “cool.” What’s up with that anyway. Anyway, you could tell that they were so concerned with being hard and all that. It really depressed me. The profanity, that’s one thing, but it’s not just that; it’s the whole attitude. I mean, they never smiled. I don’t understand how you’re really having fun if you don’t let yourself smile, you know? But that’s how it is. They don’t smile. I just don’t understand that.

I’m so glad John Yoon was there. Cuz let’s be honest: John Yoon is kind of goofy when he plays basketball. It’s not just the way he plays; actually, he’s quite tenacious. And who am I to talk about being goofy. But he just says these goofy things. And it stands out (at least to me) because the high school guys are trying to be all hard and cool, and then John Yoon will just say this goofy thing. It’s really great.

So my goal this summer with these guys is to make them smile. Life is too short and too difficult to have to be cool all the time. Smile a little. Be a loser.

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