Yesterday I read Catcher in the Rye. It’s seriously a great book. There are certain sections that just kill me. Here’s a crazy thing though: I kept thinking about Dave Hong when I was reading it. Because you know, they’re both sensitive to social things and phoniness. Anyway, that worried me. Maybe people aren’t supposed to be that sensitive to things and Dave will end up crazy and in a hospital like Holden. Hopefully not.

I had a really really complicated and detailed dream last night. I remember thinking when I woke up, “Wow, that was a really complicated and detailed dream.” The weird thing about dreams though is that even if you can remember it in the morning when you wake up, you can’t always remember it later in the day. It’s really strange how that happens. But there is one part I do remember – I heard Michael Card covering the song “He Won’t Let You Go” by the Kry, and it was really pretty good.

Every time I come home to Seoul Baptist in Houston it’s a tremendous blessing. Because it’s always so different every time I come back, and that’s just a reflection of it’s growth. It was maybe 500 when we first came 5 years ago, and now it’s at a little over 800. That’s pretty amazing, to me. And all these things are starting up. Like the English Ministry, and that’s growing and doing well. It’s just nice to see. A little uncomfortable, since I never know anyone at first, but that’s a good thing.

Right now they’re building more classrooms and a gym. My dad wasn’t big on the gym idea but the young adults pretty much made him. I’m down with that. It’s murder playing basketball outside in Houston.

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