Wow. I was just looking at the old FiCS page and it is a blast from the past. You can take a look at it here. Some of the links are broken, and I accidentally deleted the main page, but you can still browse through and take a look. The one after that (maintained by class of 1999) can be found here. I deleted the main page because the links don’t work, so it’s easier just to browse through the directory.

It is so interesting. Especially look at the directories. It’s fascinating. So much has changed. For example, everyone’s number is the 415 zip code! It seems like so long ago. Anyway, I highly recommend you peruse these, especially the directories, if you can find them. Good stuff.

Anyway, a little history for you. And there’s a picture of Keren Ji, who’s getting married, on the second directory.

While I was there, I found some pictures that are also a blast from the past. Only a few people will understand these:

This is the picture that launched a thousand web pages. It’s the infamous smirking picture that Henry and Kevin used in a bunch of doctored photos.

At some point frosh year some of us learned how to use Photoshop a little bit. I can’t do anything but I knew how to put my head on photos. So I put this picture up on the FiCS directory. This started a trend of cutting people out of pictures and putting them in other absurd situations.

So this is one of those absurd pictures. Henry and Dave just tried to make the most random combinations possible. Every picture became more and more absurd. So anyway, here are Ohms, Jimmy Carter, me and Meg Ryan at the Great Wall of China. Random! We were fixated on Ohms that year but that’s another story. Anyway, Jimmy Carter is intentionally black and white to be random

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