This entry is both pointless and disgusting. You may think it’s wrong, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

When I was younger, I would never ever ever take a crap at school. No matter how badly I had to, I would hold it until I got home, even if it interfered with my ability to breathe. I don’t know what it was. But there was just something about taking a dump at school that was just a terrible, terrible thing. I never did it.

In junior high, it was pretty much the same, I think. But in high school, it changed a bit. I still tried to avoid it, but there were times when I had to. One weird thing about my body is that at times it gets into this rhythm. So like there was a period of a month in high school where I had to take a dump about 1/2 hour after lunch every day. I just could not stop it. My body had gotten into a rhythm.

Anyways, nowadays I’ll take a dump anywhere, anytime. There’s no shame with it at all. I think just in general I lost a sense of shame in college. The worst situation in which I had to take a dump though, was in the bathroom at the food court in Memorial City Mall in Houston. The reason it’s bad is because the toilets are the first objects in the bathroom, that is, you have to pass the toilets to get to the sink or urinals. The worse thing is that the doors aren’t tall enough, so every single person can see into the stalls. So I sat there doing my business and made eye contact with every single person that came into the bathroom. I’m not even kidding about this – go there yourself and take a look. Each time we made contact, there was just this super uncomfortability, if you can imagine it. Yikes. But what could I do. I had to go. That was easily the worst public place in which I’ve had to number 2.

At any rate, I take dumps in Gates a whole lot. One thing I noticed is that the length of my feces pieces don’t correspond to how long I think they would be when I am actually doing it. They’re always much longer. Like today, I laid one that went right out, and I didn’t think it would be very long at all. But the sucker was huge! I mean, not James Han caliber, but pretty long. I was stunned.

That’s all for today.

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