In the past 2 nights I’ve had a lot of dreams, about 5 that I can remember, and every single one has been truly bizarre. I’m writing about them here so I won’t forget.

2 of them I’ve already forgotten, and 1 I’m gonna skip, but here’s one of them from 2 nights ago.

So I’m sitting in the pews in a sanctuary of KFBC, except it doesn’t look like KFBC, it looks like the sanctuary of Seoul Baptist, my church in Houston. And I’m sitting between Jae Lee, the married guy from KCPC with daughter Sarah, and Deacon Allen Lee, who works with the youth group. Both of them work for Oracle, and I had attended the Oracle info session the previous night (free food plus a raffle for a Dreamcast), so I was talking with them about Oracle. And asking if I should work there and stuff.

Meanwhile, President Jon Perkins sits down on the right side of us, and I greet him with a wave. Then Charles Im walks by, and asks if I’ve prepared for special praise. And I respond, “I thought you were going to choose the song.”

And he replies, “I did, but the song I picked only children can play.”

Then I realize that Paul Lee’s dad, the pastor of KFBC, is sitting next to me on my left, and he chimes in, “It would be good to have special prase today, because today we have a benediction.”

And he adds, “I wish Pastor Lee would let us know about stuff like this ahead of time.” Then I realize that Paul’s dad, who made this remark is a youth pastor, and has been all his life. And suddenly I am filled with a lot of respect for him, that he would be willing to be a youth pastor for so long.

Meanwhile, on the stage, there’s a bunch of children doing some type of presentation.

Then I look to the right of me, and realize that there are a bunch of rollerbladers sitting in the right aisle, just kind of sitting there. Then I realize that I’ve moved to the right side of the pew, and JP is now on the left side.

Then, Chelsea Clinton comes by, serving food! Except she doesn’t look like Chelsea Clinton. Now that I think about it, she looks like Ahrim from Houston. But somehow I know that it’s Chelsea Clinton.

And that’s my dream.

So last night I have an even weirder dream. I’m somewhere, walking up the stairs and in front of me is Marianne Edwards (is that her name? She was in Testimony my sophomore year and roomed with Mary Niu in Serra senior year), and I go up for some reason to her and Mary Niu’s room, where Mary is talking with Dave Tsai about striped underwear. Mary is wearing a purple skirt, and Marianne is wearing a red skirt. Anyway, I decide I want to go downstairs, so I do, and Mary and Dave Tsai follow me. And I go into my room, where Irwin is in bed, in the dark, save for a small lamp by his bed by the light of which he is reading.

Mary and Dave Tsai start talking to Irwin, and I leave the room, in search of Jieun. And when I find her, we go in search of a bathroom. And we’re walking somewhere, but on the entire right side is like a grassy hill, it’s about dusk, and there are people all over the hill on like blankets and such, as if gathering for fireworks. On the left side is a series of bars counters, each with a bartender. It’s kind of like the video game Tapper, if you know what that is. And each one has a bartender and stools, but there is no one at any of the counters.

So we look for a bathroom, and there are a bunch of stalls, each with a lock and fully carpeted and quite nice, but we can’t find an empty one to our liking. Now these stalls aren’t in a bathroom, but just kind of in the midst of everything else, and I realize that the everything else is an arcade. So me and Jieun are in this arcade / luxury bathroom with plush blue carpeting.

Anyway, realizing I’m in an arcade I start looking around, and I see one of the games, called DOS Man. DOS as in Disk Operating System. And I’m looking at it, and some old guy, head full of white hair, pushing 50 at least, says excuse me and starts playing it. It costs 2 quarters. And I watch, and it’s an interesting game. The character walks along the ground and shoots, kind of like Ghosts N’ Goblins, but with much better graphics. And he shoots these worm like creatures with one eye, except I can’t figure out where he’s supposed to shoot.

And later he fights a caterpillar like creature which is really quite interesting.

Anyway, I move on and see another empty game, and the title is like WWF vs. Something. I think the something was MGM. Here’s the weird thing – it’s not a wrestling game at all, but it’s like one of those shooting games, like Goldeneye, or Time Crisis, or Area 51. Except the characters shooting, you can see their backs, and they are WWF characters.

Anyway, the game is a lot like Machine Gunner if you’ve played that, except you’re a WWF character, and your bullets are really thin.

And that was my dream.

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