I love good writing. One of my favorite sites is Salon.com, as I’ve mentioned before. I’ve just found that it has a great variety of viewpoints, quite frequently extremely well written, regardless of whether I agree or not. There’s just something very satisfying about reading a well penned thought, just this feeling of pleasure and content. I’m sure not everyone can understand me, but words really affect me. Sometimes it’s just phrases, when you get the feeling that the author used just the right words to convey that particular emotion. Other times, I read something and I just feel very satisfied that what I read was well written.

Stephen King has a definite gift for writing. If you’ve never read that quote I have of him on my things to think about page, you should. It sums up what I thought was an undescribable emotion perfectly. I got the same feeling reading The Green Mile. Like describing the mouse as having “oil-drop eyes.” What a vivid, perfect description.

I’ve actually come to respect Garrison Keillor’s writing a lot also, thanks to salon.com. Sometimes he just writes the perfect phrase. He writes a love advice column for salon.com, and one phrase he used remains with me to this day. He was talking about being in love, and what that means, and among the other things you hear (it’s someone you want to spend all your time with, dote over, etc.) he wrote that it’s someone you want to be naked with. I mean, it’s a little lusty, but this phrase summed up all these interesting ideas to me. I was just struck by it.

I don’t have the patience to read many books, so I browse online a lot just because I like to read good online columnists in relatively short bites. I’m not sure why I’m writing all this, but I just appreciate good writing a lot. A random fact about me.

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