So I’ve always remembered these random TV shows that no one else remembers. Anyway, I found some of them. First, I found a page that referenced the Beverly Hills Teens. It’s a shame it was only on for one season; it was quite funny.

Another great cartoon was Bionic Six. I still remember the theme song: “Bionic, Bionic Six woo oo We are a family…”

I can’t believe they also have a reference to Comic Strip! This was obscure. It featured several cartoons together. Tigersharks was a lot like Thundercats and Silverhawks. Street Frogs, as I mentioned before, had just the wittiest theme song: “Who can do hip-hop better than a frog can?” Great show.

One of the greatest cartoons ever was Dungeons and Dragons. It seemed like everyone in my generation saw this cartoon.

Whoa! This one brings back memories: Goldie Gold and Action Jack. The only reason I remember this show is, the first time we got goldfish, we got two of them. My sister named hers Goldie Gold, and I named mine Action Jack.

Yes! I found that cartoon that featured an anal pig and an alligator named Jolene that I would talk about every so often. It’s called Kissyfur. Totally obscure.

Here’s one I remember used to be on late on Saturday mornings, like at 11 AM. It was called The Littles. And I still remember the tune. “We are the Littles…”

Does anyone remember M.A.S.K.? It was a toy and a cartoon. The theme song went… “MASK crusaders working overtime, fighting crime.”

Pole Position, another show I remember the theme music to, was on at weird hours. I think I’m the only person who saw it. But I remember the end credits. The cars drive, then half way through, they switch to hover mode.

Powerhouse was on PBS. It was kind of a weird show. Episodes included one on hate crimes (the Jewish guy was having his bar mitzvah), and one on disease. I also remember the theme. “Powerhouse, coming through Powerhouse, think of what you can do… the powerhouse is, the powerhouse is, the powerhouse is You!”

Starblazers was one of the best cartoons ever, and no one has ever seen it. It was just a great story, and it actually had an end to it. It was on KICU 36 in the Bay Area. And yes, I remember the theme to this also.

Arsenio Hall was a voice on The Real Ghostbusters cartoon! And Casey Kasem was a voice on Transformers!

And I found a reference to that show Automan that no one heard about but me here. It was on in 1983! I was 7 years old, and I still remember it. Whoa.

I watched way too much TV.

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