I’m sorry, but Dave’s latest short thoughts are just idiotic. He pretty much has no idea what he’s talking about, admits it, then spews forth anyway. I particularly like how he says the “economy will recover.” Is he saying the economy is in trouble now? That we’ve been in recession for 2 months? What is he basing this on? Simply the stock market? And even though I know precious little about the stock market, I still know how wrong he is about what he’s talking about. And then he goes on and on about how everyone (else) is just an idiot.

I also love his hypocrisy. He has at various times said, he thinks it’s cool knowing secret tricks at Sweet Hall, and that if you don’t know the ins and outs of printing, you shouldn’t be able to. He has also, at other various times, stated how often he farts, even in public places, and how during crunch time, he doesn’t shower for long periods of time.

He also writes that he hates CS people, because they think they know everything and are rude to people, and how they have the worst hygiene in the world.

I don’t know, I guess it’s not strictly hypocritical, but it’s a strange juxtaposition, at least to me.

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