You know, I don’t really know if I’m that intelligent. I think a lot of it is just the result of my environment. Let me explain. I think me and Dave’s memory isn’t necessarily just something we have, but just, it was always around us. Ever since I was young, I watched sports, partly with my dad. He taped the 49er games every Sunday, and I’d watch with him after church. We’d also frequently watch Ohio State football games, when they were on, on Saturdays. So since it was always around, I came to be able to remember things about sports, like who Jimmy Karsatos is, and his games against Jim Harbaugh, and Earl Bruce vs. Bo Schembechler.

My dad was also into movies, so I saw a lot of movies growing up, particularly nearly every Disney movie and a bunch of musicals. So like, that entertainment aspect was there also. And my mom made me read tons of books when I was a kid, so that reading part was there also.

I don’t know. I just know that I’m like an information sponge – I have to do certain things, like browse all these web sites, and read the paper and some magazines all the time or I’ll go crazy. I remember a lot of info, but I think I forget a lot of information also. It’s just, I think since I was forced to absorb a lot of information since I was young, that’s why I remember things. But I don’t know.

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