One of the first special praises I did for KCPC was at a joint FiC, I think. Me, Dave and Leo did it. I still remember meeting with them in Leo’s Roble Quad, neither of them knowing the song, and me trying to teach them. As often happened, I made Dave memorize it in a couple days. And, another bad thing about me is that I often want all the control and none of the responsibility. So, like with this song, I chose it, and taught it to them and basically owned it, but I made Dave introduce it before singing.

But what the heck did he know about the song? (All The Way My Savior Leads Me – Rich Mullins) Just the random factoids I had told him. So, this was his introduction, in its entirety:

“Uhh, this song was written by a blind woman.”

At any rate, it was the hope of some that this trio would be a regular team, so we were given the catchy name: DLD. It may have even been written like that on the program. DLD.

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