So this weekend I was at a wedding, which was great. Highlights included dancing to ‘N Sync with Jieun’s mom.

The lowlight also occurred at the reception. So the DJ was getting people to do stuff, like the electric slide, etc. So he gets people to go up to do the Macarena. And you know, it’s their wedding, you don’t want nobody to go up. So Jieun is one of the first people up there, so I go up too. You know, just for them.

So we do the Macarena. About 15 people on stage. Everyone else is watching. And whatever, it’s fine the first 3 times. But the song goes on and on. He apparently had an extended remix going. Argh, the horror. So I was stuck there doing the Macarena for minutes on end, the same thing over and over, this uncomfortable dance that involves wiggling your butt, with many people watching, and I can’t escape. And I keep praying to God that the song will end, but it just doesn’t. It goes on and on. And eventually, every time the song keeps going I start yelling visibly and audibly in pain, crying out to the Lord my God that this madness would end.

It was not pretty.

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