Don’t read this if you haven’t yet seen the most recent episode of Survivor.

So, I realized that predicting the Survivor is pretty much impossible now. The reason being, nearly everything depends on the immunity contests now. The importance of these is just insane. It affects literally everything.

So, I don’t think Rudy is going to win anymore, because he’s never won any kind of contest. Not even close. He was absolutely freaking hilarious on the last immunity contest. Hilarious. He has no chance.

So now, who survives really depends on how the immunity contests go. So here’s my analysis. There’s no way Rudy is winning anything, so I’m not even going to list it as a possibility.

  • Kelly wins the first contest. Then I think Rich is going to get voted off in the first vote, as he’s just a big threat. Kelly will certainly go after him, and I bet Sue will as well.
    • Kelly wins the second contest. I think Sue and Kelly would take out Rudy. Kelly I think would believe Sue to be a lesser threat to win than Rudy. So then Kelly wins.
    • Sue wins the second contest. Then Sue’s taking out Kelly, I think. She should see Kelly as more attractive to the others than Rudy. But if it comes down to Sue and Rudy, I think Rudy will win
  • Rich wins the first contest. Then Kelly is out of there. Rich has been intimating at taking other people out, but I think he realizes Kelly is the biggest threat right now. He’ll definitely take her out.
    • Rich wins the second contest. The horror. I think Rich will then take Rudy out. And then, since no one wants to see Rich win, Sue wins.
    • Sue wins the second contest. Sue should take Rudy out, but she’ll take Rich out. And then Rudy wins.
  • Sue wins the first contest. My claim is, she’ll take Rich out here. She should take Kelly out, and she might, but I really think there’s this underlying hatred of Rich that she’s going to use. Actually, she definitely should take Rich out here, I take that first comment back. Rich with Rudy is just too strong, so take him out here, and hope to win the second contest.
    • Kelly wins the second contest. Then Rudy’s gone, and in the end, Kelly wins
    • Sue wins the second contest. Then Kelly’s gone, and Rudy wins

That’s my take. So really, anyone can win, except Rich. I don’t know, I need to think more about it.

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