The San Jose Mercury is a great paper. There were a couple really good articles in yesterday’s paper. One was about Koreans and how they love to sing. Hence the whole NoRaeBang culture. They called Koreans the Italians of the East. It was an interesting article.

The more interesting article was on menstruation. The thesis of the article is that controlling menstruation through drugs, so that women only menstraute 4 times a year has many benefits, including reducing the risk of ovarian cancer, other gynecological diseases, anemia, and saving a bunch of money on feminine products.

The article states that women were not meant to menstruate as much as they do. In older times, women began to menstruate later, stopped menstruating earlier, and had a lot more children and breast fed more so they didn’t menstruate as much in between. So in their lifetimes, women go through 3 times more menstrual cycles than they used to.

And this is bad for some reasons listed above. In particular, anemia, which a lot of women suffer from, and ovarian cancer. Releasing the egg apparently involves rapidly dividing and developing cells or something like that, which is prone to cancer, which is why limiting that (via birth control pills or whatever) has been shown to reduce to the risk of ovarian cancer.

I don’t know, it was just an interesting article.

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