It’s a small world.

So this past weekend, I went up to the city to hang out with a friend from Houston, Dave Park. Another friend from Houston was visiting. Anyway, I go up, and George comes with me, because who do we end up hanging out with? Paul Lee and Dana Yip. Random.

Anyway, we go back to Dave’s place and his roommate is there. And who’s his roommate? Li Ho. Li living with Dave from Houston? Utterly random.

Later we go to Paul Lee’s place and his roommate is there. And who is his roommate? KCPC legend, “Food For The Hungry” Sung. And while we’re there, his friend drops by and they go to a movie. And who is the friend? None other than Sang “Bus Driver” Lee. Unfreakingbelievable.

Anyway, it was a confluence of all these different people. Bizarre experience.

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