You know, sometimes these movies come out that all these film critics love that the general population just doesn’t get? Like, the critics just appreciate these things about the film that most poeple just don’t care about. So these films are really for people who know film.

I don’t know, I kind of get this feeling that Delirious? is like that with music. I’m listening to their new album, and I don’t know, I dig it. It’s just musically indulgent, and just a fascinating album to me. There are so many interesting, fascinating elements to it that most people I think wouldn’t care about. But it just fascinates me what they do with the sonic landscape. Like, just the texture of their guitar distortion is very distinct and different in each song. And they try a bunch of stuff. So like in some songs, the guitars have this like classic rock feel, with that type of fuzzy distortion and the intervaled runs in classic rock.

Then there’s interesting slide acoustic guitar in one song, and in all songs, just interesting sounds all over the place. I don’t know, it’s just indulgent, and to me, fascinating. I kind of want to go song by song and point out all the interesting things they do.

But anyway, that’s stuff no one else cares about, so I don’t know if other people will like it. Probably not, since everyone hated Mezzamorphis. But seriously, it’s a really interesting album. I don’t know, Delirious? impresses me. They’re probably the most sonically creative band in Christian music. That’s my claim. Any band that incorporates bagpipes deserves a little bit of credit.

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