I hate flakes. Everyone is flaky. You know I’m flaky. But some people are so flaky that any time they say they’re going to do something, you never know if it will actually happen. And that just sucks.

Here’s my claim. There are these people out there who get all these spiritual visions all the time and go from activity to activity constantly. My claim is that these people will never be a part of a great work of God. Well maybe never is too strong. Rarely. Because God wants faithfulness for the long haul. That seems to be a clear pattern in the Bible.

I think the most important people in building a church aren’t the charismatic or super spiritual people. They’re good, but you can’t depend on them, or build on them, if they’re flaky. The most important people are the faithful ones – that’s who you build the church on. So, I’d rather have people like Henry and John, whom once they commit to something, commit to it for the long haul, then more charismatic people who flit in and out of commitments.

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