Dave’s crowing about how he watched the Olympics live reminds me of that classic SNL sketch of PrimeTime Live, with Jan Hooks as Diane Sawyer and Kevin Nealon as Sam Donaldson. It was absolutely hilarious. Nealon kept going on and on about how they are live. And they’d show views of Congress, totally empty at night, but live. He’d say stuff like, “it was quite a madhouse here this afternoon. But here it is, live.”

And then later: “Some of you may not believe that we’re broadcasting live. To prove it, here’s my watch. (shows watch on wrist) See, it shows the correct time. Now, you might say that I just set it to this time ahead of time. But, what would you say about two watches? (Pulls out watch on other wrist) Back to you, Diane.”

Hilarious. I guess you had to see it.

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