Sorry, but I have to tell this story. So, we (me, Henry, Jieun, Lina, Irving and Adrian) were watching the women’s platform diving final in the Olympics this evening. We started out cheering for Li Na of China, because Lina was there.

But anyway, there was this U.S. diver. When we started watching, she was in 8th place. Anyway, she starts doing well, and we find out she’s from Houston, Texas. Her dad is wearing this truly hideous, typically Texan hat, one side red, one side blue, and on both sids. a big white star. And she starts gaining, moving up to fifth place, and then one dive is just amazing, and incredibly, everyone ahead of her messes up badly on their dives, and she shoots to first place. It was pretty dramatic, and we started rooting for her.

Anyway, for whatever reason, we start saying that God is on her side, and that she must be a Christian. Then we start giving random justification for why she’s Christian. “Hey look at the way she’s smiling. She’s definitely a Christian.” And then we push it further, speculating on what denomination she is. “Oh yeah, look at the way she’s walking, she’s definitely Presbyterian.” You know, just being absurd. Anyway, to skip the drama, she ends up winning (first time a U.S. woman has won in like 24 years)! And I’m continuing to be absurd, saying like how encouraged I am that a Christian won.

So they show the medal ceremony, and then NBC interviews her, and the interviewer asks her something like, what were you thinking up there on your last dive blah blah blah. And the first thing she says is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” We were floored. She actually was Christian! Insane! We couldn’t believe it.

For me at least, the interview took on this new poignancy after she said that. And I was legitimately, truly encouraged somehow. Jieun actually teared up. I mean, she had the whole dramatic thing going, having broken her foot very recently, and all this crazy stuff. And she attributed glory to God. I don’t know it was cool, not because she won, but the way she gave glory to God. And also because if you had only watched swimming, you would have thought God is only enough for a bronze medal.

At any rate, it was amazing. She was Christian! We were just messing around, calling her a Christian, and she actually was! What a great interview. Didja see that live, Dave? Or were the Korean commentators too busy talking about how U.S. divers used to make the Chinese immigrants build the railroads?

Go edited tape delay!

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