I found out a friend Jimmy Wu has this online Madlibs thing. I tried it, and here are the results:

One soggy weekend night at Duke, Janet Reno decided that she would catch before taking the speaker cable over to west campus. She saw a bunch of spicy people and she obnoxiously burned after them. After meeting Siddhartha Gautama at a party, the two of them started to spell. By dusk in the morning they were still fingering and she decided it was time to go back to east campus. However when she got there she reverently realized that she had left her jaguars in Dodi Al Fayed's toupee. Frantically she lindied to Madison Square Garden, and there she found her Rubik's Cubes, right where she had left them. What a relief! She was licked so she lay down on the jock strap and went to sleep.

I didn’t say it was funny.

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