Maybe it’s just me, but it depresses me when ministries try to do the same thing independently. When we were in East Asia, we saw on TV the local station interviewing a group from the United States that was very clearly a Christian group, the way they were talking about wanting to share lives and stuff like that. They didn’t say anything explicitly Christian but it was pretty clear.

Anyway, we had spent some time training ourselves on safety and being discreet, knowing that not doing so could not only hinder our efforts, but those of other Christians. We in fact experienced this in another city that one of the other teams were at – they were directly told by the East Asian officials there not to engage in activity that apparently other groups had been doing there, not too discreetly. So not being discreet could really hinder the work of all Christians in an area.

Anyway, we saw this group on TV, and were they being discreet? Maybe. Probably? Who knows? But it was just a little sad to me that we were working on the same team, but knew nothing about the others, and didn’t know if we were hindering each others’ efforts. We were trying to do the same thing in the same place, but weren’t coordinated and could actually have been hurting each other.

Anyway, I was just thinking this because I came across these two ministries that seem to be trying to do essentially the same thing. I don’t know, maybe it’s good. It just seems like if they could be coordinated, it would be so much better, you know?

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