Umm, I guess Henry disagrees with me that even a wrong vision is better than no vision at all. I really mean this, though. You can rag on misguided visionaries all you want, but in my view, that’s far better than someone going through his life just doing things for the sake of doing things or without having a vision as to why he’s doing it. You do that, and eventually, you’ll become weary, cynical and jaded. Even more than the vision of the day e-mailer man. That’s my claim. Bad visions are bad, but that’s not an excuse for not having any vision at all. That’s far worse.

I also love how Henry is essentially saying “I’m the implementer, and as such, I’m far better than visionaries. I have more humility, perseverance, and work harder.” Not that I fully disagree with his point. I just get a kick out of when people say they are humble, or that they have a “servant’s”, behind the scenes heart. Because they’re really implying that they are better than those people that aren’t.

Also, I guess Mark thought I was talking about him with my visionary rant. Umm, don’t be so sensitive, it had absolutely nothing to do with you. I don’t think it was relevant to what you said at all. For future reference, you can tell when I’m slamming Mark when I start my entries with something like, “Mark, you’re so wrong it hurts my lungs.” I’m not vague about it.

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