These Sony headphones continue to change my life. Listen to Better Is One Day, the Matt Redman song, the Matt Redman version, on headphones. There’s so much more going in there than I realized. It’s really quite interesting.

First the use of the cowbell – interesting. It’s also interesting how in the first verse, it’s just a very subtle keyboard playing the chord background. No bass foundation, no guitar, just a subtle keyboard. In the second verse, this fretless bass plays a very interesting part, not the bass note of the chord, but playing around the melody. Very interesting.

And, I never realized the background singers singing “ooh” on the “My heart and flesh cry out” part.

When they get to the instrumental section with the piano playing, there’s actually a lot of interesting things going on. Like there are these weird chimish sounds, and there are two keyboard sounds echoing the piano part – a normal stringy synth sound, which is probably part of the piano, meaning, they’re using like a piano and strings voice, but also this weird high pitched sound that kind of sounds like a sound you’d hear on a carousel. It’s really high pitched and weird. And then the fretless bass plays this dope riff in the middle when the piano stops. And then before the electric comes in, there’s a weird vocal out of the left speaker that continues throughout the rest of the song, saying all this weird stuff.

And then after that, they really combine a lot of sound. Lots of different electric guitar sounds, different vocals doing different things, just interesting stuff.

Umm, sorry, big digression.

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