I accompanied Jieun to Ann Taylor yesterday. I was kind of stunned. I didn’t even realize that this store existed, and it turns out it’s huge. Two floors, just big. I don’t know, it just surprises me how I’m totally naive about girl things.

At any rate, it was hilarious, because there’s this section of seats in the middle that was kind of like the island of the lost – there were spouses, boyfriends, and sons all sitting there.

This section was near the shoe section, and I watched various girls try on shoes. I don’t know, but for me, when I try on shoes, I just look at it, see if it’s comfortable, and then buy it (or not). But these girls, they have to try it on, look at it from various angles on their feet, it’s crazy. I just don’t understand what they’re looking at. It’s weird.

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