No, it’s not ironic that the championship teams of the past always get the lucky breaks. One team has to win the championship. So they win all their games. In the course of winning all their games, they get some lucky breaks. That’s why they win all their games.

What I’m saying is that, every team has lucky breaks go for and against them. It’s just that the championship teams, of which there must always be one, have all the lucky breaks go for them in the course of a season. The ones that don’t get the breaks don’t become champions. You remember the lucky breaks because they’re champions. That’s all.

In other words, every team has breaks go either for them or against them. It’s not that championship teams make the breaks go for them. It’s that because the breaks went for them, they became champions. I hope this is obvious to everyone. A champion doesn’t make lucky breaks happen. It’s because all the lucky breaks happen that they become champions. You can’t think of it in the reverse. Uh, to repeat it three times.

So, it’s not at all ironic that champions always get the lucky breaks. It is, in fact, to be expected logically.

At any rate, no one cares about college football. It’s all about college basketball, baby.

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