I don’t care if someone rips off my idea, as long as they cite the source. Like, I used to call my page (or do I still?) like, the stolen web page because so many elements of it were just ripped off from other places. Like, the design of the front page came from the old Out of the Grey fan site. The highlight of my day was a ripoff of one of Kathy Yung’s friends, whose page I linked until it was gone. The intro, with spelling mistakes (e.g. antedotes) come straight from that page, and the color scheme and formatting are exactly the same.

The Danny Chai FAQ is ripped off from Ohms’ web page. There’s still a link to it there. In fact, it doesn’t make sense without it.

My most favorite stealing thing is I stole this moving gif from a guy named Dave and put it on web site as the intro, even though at the very end, it says, “Welcome to my world… Dave”. I didn’t even care that it made no sense. I just amuse myself.

Anyway, it doesn’t bother me that Elaine stole my page, it’s just weird, because why not just call it a quote page? Or something like that? But she calls it a bold claims page. Weird.

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