I came across another personality test that was the most accurate I’ve seen. I’m not saying it’s totally accurate, just the most accurate one. Which doesn’t really make sense, because it has the least reason to be accurate. Anyway, it can be found here.

Here’s my profile.

Personalized Romantic Profiles

Versatile and unpredictable

Sensitivity Daniel is basically an emotional and intuitive person. He doesn’t put rigid boundaries between himself and other people, meaning that he is flexible and adaptable. If he chooses, he can easily empathize, be friendly, understanding and compassionate. However, this sensitivity also means that he needs to protect himself. Therefore he may close his eyes to his immediate surroundings and go into a world of his own imagination. When he does that he becomes absent-minded and withdrawn.
Self-sacrifice As a result of his sensitivity he tends to sacrifice himself for the person he loves. This also applies to things he believes in: career, family or “a cause”. His sensitivity also allows him to understand complex issues intuitively and to look at the big picture. This means he’s likely to become an expert in his chosen field.
Creative Daniel is at his best when focusing on creative tasks, especially when they serve some higher purpose or benefit society. He needs color and dreams to propel him onwards.
Alone time Due to his imagination and his tendency to sacrifice his own needs, he tends to lose focus and direction. To avoid this he needs time alone, at least once in a while, to meditate, think deeply and focus on what’s important and what’s not.
No confrontations Generally speaking, Daniel is unpredictable. He doesn’t like hurting people or confronting unpleasant issues head-on. He tends to deal with negative matters in a roundabout manner.
Time and quiet How to approach him: The best way to connect with him is to be soft-spoken and to listen carefully. The key is to be relatively calm and observant and have time and quiet to get close. This might mean going on a journey, taking long walks, going to the movies or having intimate evenings at home with music and candlelight.
Chameleon Keep in mind that Daniel tends to adapt to the environment of his choice and to behave accordingly. When by himself or somewhere else, he may behave differently or change his mind about things. Ideally his partner should be flexible around him and show tolerance for his unpredictable behavior. If he is not unpredictable, he is likely sacrificing a part of his personality for you or someone he cares for.
Own world If you start living together, expect him to withdraw into his own world, at least once in a while. He needs space to recharge his batteries. (Sun in Pisces)

Sensitive and secretive
Control >Daniel’s emotions are powerful and sensitive, meaning that he can easily tune into undercurrents and see through superficialities. Consequently he can’t bear to have people around him all the time and needs to control his surroundings as a means of protecting his feelings.
Wary His sensitivity to what’s “behind the facade”, means that he can be somewhat of a cynic and is often wary of people, especially those who are superficial or dishonest.
Don’t pry! Ideally, his home should be a place of privacy, as he doesn’t like to have his affairs pried into. He dislikes being told what to do. He also dislikes showing his emotions or baring his soul. Secrecy is what he likes.
Caution! How to approach him: Proceed with caution, as he is hard to approach emotionally. Expect to take some time to get to know him. If suggesting a place for your first date, have it someplace private, where the two of you can be alone and talk undisturbed.
Alone time If a relationship forms, beware of smothering him. He needs to be left alone once in a while to focus his emotions and rid himself of external influences. (Moon in Scorpio)

Creative and sensitive
Romantic fantasy Daniel is a sensitive and imaginative lover. He is capable of being very romantic, but is also unpredictable. Fantasy and imagination are an important part of his love life, meaning that he needs color and mystery to stimulate his feelings. These might include music, flowers, poetry, games, candlelight and so forth.
Helpful or absent He is flexible in his relations with others and capable of a great deal of empathy. He does not put barriers between himself and other people and is usually tolerant, compassionate and helpful. On the other hand, he can easily slip into his own world and become absent-minded and unaware of his surroundings.
Love the world Daniel dislikes mundane relationships and prefers not to focus emotionally on just one person. This does not mean that he needs to have many lovers, only that part of him needs to “love the world” and focus on altruism.
Altruism or art To be happy he should ideally be involved in altruistic social activities, or channel his emotions and talents into artistic projects or interests.
Touch his soul How to approach him: If you want his attention you should try to stimulate his imagination and sense of wonder. Mystery turns him on. For your first date you might suggest a concert, a moonlit walk or a secluded and enchanted place where you can focus on each other and talk intimately. To bond with him, you need to touch his soul. He’s the kind of guy who is moved by stories of hardship, gallantry or grand artistic visions. He is thrilled by ideas of setting off with his soul mate on a crusade to save the world. Though he may never formulate this consciously, the fact remains that music, creativity and imagination move him deeply. (Venus in Pisces)

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