So as you may or may not know, I have a new hero. His name is John Bogle, and he’s well respected in financial circles. He founded the Vanguard group of mututal funds.

Anyway, he has a lot of intelligent things to say, which I totally buy. You can read some of his speeches and articles here.

I think he’s a Christian also, but I’m not sure. It’s just, he uses Bible quotes and stuff a lot, and speaks of the Lord. I’m not sure, though.

By the way, I read a great article in Christianity Today about investing. It was just a page long, but a good reminder. That everything we have is from God, it’s been entrusted to us for us to take good care of it. But this should affect how we view investing God’s money. We shouldn’t not invest it. The guy who got just one talent was rebuked for not even putting it in the bank at interest. But, what it says, and what I buy, is that if we really believe it’s God’s to begin with, we shouldn’t be speculative with it either. The point in speculation is not the responsible allocation of resources, but being risky to strike it rich. And that’s not what we should be doing with God’s money.

I don’t know. Just for me, it was a good reminder. Even though I have, even now, not had the money to invest ever. I don’t think it’s wrong to speculate a tiny amount for the fun value. But I don’t think we should be speculating huge amounts. Not with God’s money. And it’s all God’s money.

So what I’m saying is, index funds. I’m a big fan.

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