A friend of mine sent me an e-mail in regards to the entry below, which I pretty much agree with. I hope it’s OK that I’m posting it, but here it is (edited):

    • What I think is the sad thing is that a lot of Christians “rally against” a bunch of social issues, not just pop culture.

They fail to understand the issues, and yet mobilize people against those issues which they do not understand. I’ve seen this happen at a church where the pastor was preaching against gays and he claimed the “gay agenda” was “to make everyone gay.”

i couldn’t believe it. i actually said something to the pastor and he was taken aback that i didn’t just accept what he said as doctrine. i knew a handful of gays and lesbians. they surely weren’t trying to make everyone gay.

the same thing happens in the abortion debate. what saddens me is that some christians unilaterally determine that pro-life is clearly *the* solution and the *correct* solution to the social problem. yet i think as evidenced by what females have to say, most of the time, males just don’t fully grasp the issue.

it seems that the church is often motivated by fear. instead of seeking to understand “the other side”, it mobilizes against “the other side” out of fear.

I think he’s right. Not that all Christians don’t understand any issues. But, in my opinion, I think a lot of Christians don’t really try to understand issues before rushing to judgment on them.

I don’t know, I’m just of the opinion that a lot of these major complicated issues are just that – complicated, and it’s just not easy to know what’s best.

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