I played Bust A Move again this weekend, and it was great. Because I dominate in that game. There’s only one person I’ve met who’s better than me, and that’s Chinsan. But he is far and away better – we played like dozens of times and I don’t think I beat him a single time. He’s that good. Incredible.

But besides him I’m pretty good. The great thing about the game is this four player mode. You might not be familiar with the game, but you want to make bubbles pop, and if you do it right, you can hurt your enemy. The great thing about the 4 player mode is that you can choose which enemy to hurt. This is great because it equalizes things a lot. Like, I was far and away the best player there, but I didn’t win a single time, because the other three players focused their attacks on me, and it’s just too overwhelming that way.

But still, I was in every game, and it was close. For me, the most fun is when every player really wants to win. Then, as they should, they all focus on me in the beginning. But you can’t do that forever, because then someone else will win – you need to start attacking the person in the lead, and you need me to help. So then the strategy shifts. And what happens is I get back in the game. That’s what happened. Like I said, I didn’t ever win, but every single game was competitive among all four players, and to me, that’s the most fun. Well, the most fun is when I win, but this is a close second.

Anyway, when I used to play with Henry and Dave, in case you didn’t know, they can get pretty competitive about certain things. Near the end of our Bust A Move days, they’d consistently focus their attacks on me, even if someone else was on the verge of winning, and I was way way behind, so that they’d lose. It’s an idiotic strategy because it dooms you to failure, but if I just lost, they jointly claimed victory. It pissed me off. But only because I’m super competitive also. But anyway, for me, that’s not fun, when people don’t base their strategy on themselves winning.

What was fun was when we discovered time trial mode, in which there’s no attacks, it’s just a matter of who can clear the screen first. I think I’ve told this story before. But like I said, I’m pretty good, so I was dominating, and it made Dave and Henry so angry that Dave started taking off his clothes and Henry started foaming at the mouth – no exaggeration.

That was fun.

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