“i’m putting it in my top ten movies of all time, that’s how good it was.”

According to his 10 favorite movies page, that puts it squarely among his top 17 favorite movies.

That page, by the way, is one of my favorite pages Dave has written. Because there are so many errors in it. The header of the page is misspelled! “My favorite moveis.”

SN. I liked Beauty and the Beast, but as I’ve written before, I’ve always found these types of movies hypocritical. And, it’s present in Dave’s analysis of the movie as well. It’s like, one message is, it’s not the outside that counts, it’s the inside. But then they make the heroine hot. So what’s the take home message? Everyone feels ugly. So it’s about hope that someone hot will see our inner beauty and go for us. That’s so flamingly hypocritical. Like, here’s a phrase Dave uses: “But, what I like about this movie, as I’ve said before, is that it gives hope to us ugly, non social people. I mean, the thing is, Bell, come on, she’s a total hottie.”

That’s exactly it. That’s why I hate movies like that – some hot chick/stud sees the “inner beauty” of someone else. I say be consistent and give us two hideously ugly people. But that movie would bomb, because that’s really not the message people want. We want everyone else to see our inner beauty, but we’re not always willing to do the same. That’s why you always need one hot person – that’s what people really want. They want someone hot, and want someone hot to see their inner beauty.

Anyway, I’m not saying I’m not like that. I’m just saying I don’t like movies that pretend to have this noble message but really, if you think about it, send a hypocritical message.

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