I had a plethora of weird dreams last night. Here’s the weirdest thing. In the middle, I dreamt I woke up and wrote down my dream because it was so weird. But that must have been a dream, since I didn’t find anything this morning that I wrote.

Anyway, one of the dreams I had is a common one – that I totally blew off a class and now was going to fail it. I dreamt that I hadn’t actually graduated, that I needed to take a couple more classes and I hadn’t attended a single one and now it was finals time.

Wait, it’s weirder than that. First I dreamt it was junior high. I distinctly remember this. It was the end of the semester for junior high and I had no idea what was going on. I have this dream a lot. Sometimes, I don’t even know which classroom to go to, or even how to find out which classroom to go to. And it always takes place at my junior high. Caroline Davis Intermediate.

After this dream, I had the dream where I woke up and wrote about the first dream. But that was a dream. Then I had another dream – distinct from the last one, where I dreamt I had not finished college. It was just about finals time, and I had blown off the entire course and just now showed up. And I’m freaked out and I’m wondering if I can pull off passing the course somehow at the last second. I’ve had this dream before also. And it’s actually happened in real life once.

SN. My parents told me they still have these types of dreams also. And they’ve been out of school for like 30 years.

Anyway, I show up and Elaine Kim of worship team is in the class. And I ask her, “were there any midterms?” And she says, “Yeah, 2 of them.” And I think, oh no, I’m screwed. And then I realize the professor is my coworker. And now I’m all embarrassed because he’ll realize that I haven’t attended any of the classes or done any of the work, and I have to work with him every day. And I’m trying to hide and avoid eye contact.

Can’t remember the rest. Except I ended up in a bathroom and I was amazed that the graffiti was from like the 80s but was still there. This part of the dream was one of those dreams where I pee forever and still no relief. After a few minutes, it’s weird, but I realized, “Oh, this is one of those perpetual peeing dreams. Now, I think I’ll wake up and relieve myself.” And I did. I woke up in real life and went to the bathroom and that was that.


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