Eric Yang informs me that my Keith Lee slam was inaccurate because you can’t culture the mad cow disease thing because it’s a prion. But you see, that’s what makes the whole post funny. Of course it’s a prion. That’s why it’s absurd.

Anyway, the Survivor book is great. It’s interesting because the crew totally got into it, became a part of it. When Gretchen was voted off, they were devastated, and they realized it was becoming something they didn’t like. Something mean and devious and manipulative. It wasn’t noble anymore, and that really affected them.

Another interesting thing is that, as you would expect, the crew gossiped about the castaways during down time, the castaways would also gossip about the crew. They’d overhear things and they knew stuff about the crew, and that’s just fascinating.

They also plotted against TV, by staging fake conversations and stuff so that the crews wouldn’t know what’s going on.

I don’t know, I love Survivor. There’s just so much there about human interaction and politics and strategy and conscience and everything that I find it endlessly fascinating. I can’t wait for Survivor II. January, baby! Woo hoo!

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