I will never forget the infamous Judy Lee Korea House dinner. The thing is, FiCS didn’t always have a dinner at the end of the quarter. Just sometimes.

Jimmy also started the brothers “serving” the sisters (dirty) on Valentine’s Day tradition. Frosh year, we cooked Korean food for them. The rice didn’t turn out right, so we ended up taking all the rice from the huge rice cookers in Manzanita. Sophomore year we did the Fimo clay all day extravaganza. And of course the dirtiness reached its peak our junior year when that year’s frosh (Class of ’00) guys recited poetry for the sisters. This “poetry” included these exact words: “Jane, you are the Jane of my jungle.” Yeah, that’s encouraging, Barnabus.

Anyway, it stuns me that they still call it Operation Hot Cocoa. Paul Lee’s legacy lives on.

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