So, Bible study last Friday was good again. The leader brought up an interesting observation. Starting in Matthew 8, Jesus goes through this cycle where he does a few healings/miracles and then talks about discipleship (by discipleship, I mean, being a disciple of Jesus, which is what the texts talk about). It’s just interesting how this happens.

And, I don’t know, I’m still on my “Matthew makes sense now” kick. Just, to me, it all makes sense considering the 2 points of Matthew. The first few healings show he was prophesized by Isaiah (according to Matthew 8:17). And then Jesus tempers expectations by explaining that following him isn’t what they think it is.

Successive miracles give more insight into Jesus – that even nature obeys him, and that there is an appointed time when Jesus will deal with demons. Then in chapter 9 he shows that he has the authority to forgive sins. Then with what he’s done, he explains what he’s doing, and why he hangs with sinners, and that he’s ushered in a new age (the new wineskins thing). Again (to me), it’s the two messages of Matthew that makes this order make sense. He gradually reveals who he is, and also how he’s different.

Anyway, random comment.

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