The ring boy in my sister’s wedding is absolutely hilarious. Last year we were playing Trivial Pursuit (me and him were a team) and I got him to get in this ridiculous taunting stance. I started by getting him to point at them. Then to jump around while pointing. Then to turn around, bend over, and wiggle his butt. Then, the critical thing is, I got him to do all three simultaneously. It’s freaking hilarious. Anyway, he really likes the pose so he does it often now, and his parents have me to thank.

Anyway, I was sitting with him at the wedding reception, and I told him to, when the bride and groom came around, to keep tinkling his fork on his glass. So he did, and they thought it was hilarious, and then they kissed. And when they did, he was absolutely horrified, and he turned to me and yelled,” This is your fault!” Hilarious.

Uh, random.

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