I think I said before how Caedmon’s Call’s newest album sucks. I still don’t think it’s a great album, nowhere near as good as their last one, but there are jewels in there that I didn’t realize. In particular, Prove Me Wrong. It’s in every way, just an interesting song. Here’s the lyrics:

Sometimes I fear maybe I’m not chosen
You’ve hardened my heart like Pharoah
That would explain why life is so hard for meAnd I am sad Esau hated
Crying against what’s fated
Saying father, please, is there any left for me

Cast out my doubts, please prove me wrong
‘Cause these demons can be so headstrong
Make my walls fall, please prove me wrong
‘Cause this resentment’s been building
Burn them up with your fire so strong
If you can before I Baal, please prove me wrong

I fear maybe this is all just a game
Our friends and our families all play too
Harness the young and give some comfort to the old

Don’t let my doubts prove true
Draw me close and hold me near to you
Keep me still until the day you

Anyway, they take some definite chances on their album, and honestly, a lot of them just don’t work. But, at least they try to stretch themselves. That’s more than most bands can say. But yeah, I really dig that one song. Musically, the way they put it together also, is just fascinating. And lyrically, I don’t know, I just like it. I like songs that deal honestly with doctrines like predestination.

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