Have you ever had the feeling like you hear/see something and you know it sounds familiar but have no idea what it reminds you of? We watched Born On The Fourth Of July the other day and there’s this one musical theme that sounds so familiar. And it was driving me crazy. Henry posited that it was from The Rock.

And then suddenly, I realized what it was. It sounds exactly like the music from Terminator 2. I don’t know, after I realized that I felt so good. Because honestly, I think I’m going senile. I struggle to find the word on the tip of my tongue like constantly. I’m a little worried.

Speaking of Born on the Fourth of July, seriously, the Vietnam War just sucked. And you want to ask, what were the Presidents thinking? But it’s weird, it lasted for so long, several Presidents of both parties, and they all believed that war was necessary. It’s easy to say they were wrong now. But could they have known then?

I just get confused because it’s hard to tell what lessons to learn from history. You think that after WWI and how after led to WW2 that the lesson to be learned is that you can’t be a total isolationist. At least, that’s what I thought. You can’t just avoid those problems, or they’ll come back up eventually.

But then, with Vietnam, it seems like that was the lesson from history they believed. That you can’t isolate yourself, and what happens in the world will make a difference, so the line had to be drawn there. But then, retrospect shows that was wrong in Vietnam. So the lesson there is what? It’s not right to involve the country in every conflict? That’s like the opposite lesson.

I guess the answer is just that every situation is complex and there are no easy answers. But like, they always say that if you don’t know your history you’re bound to repeat it. So say there’s a way somewhere in the world with world wide political ramifications. And it’s not clear how difficult it would be to win that war. What’s the right thing to do? No clue.

Uh, random.

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