The problem with Survivor 2 is that it started out so well. That’s not really a problem. But with Survivor 1, it started out a little slow (is my impression) and got better and better. With this one, it started out incredibly, I think, so, it’s hard to sustain that. Last week wasn’t that good, and this week, while very good, wasn’t as incredible as some past shows.

The problem with this week’s show is that the most interesting part of every show is seeing which tribe has to kick a member off and then the drama that’s associated with it, and this week didn’t have that. But yeah, it was still a good show. And last time, the best episodes were right around this time, just before and after the merger. So, I’m pretty excited. Honestly, anything can happen. Especially if the evil team gets it together. If they can somehow take out a member of the holy tribe, that will be great, because their evil will inevitably cause them to break apart, and then it’s a free for all.

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