Not only did Marshall meet Chris Min, but he had dinner with her and Tina Park.

One thing I’m absolutely certain of in my life is that I’m better friends with certain people because I didn’t go to the same school as them. I don’t know if this makes any sense. But, for example, like Albert Shim and Lisa Tahk. I’m positive I would not have been friends with them had I gone to Berkeley. There’s just no way I would have fit in to the FiCB culture. I would have been one of those weirdo fringe people who weren’t in the “in”. But, because I went to Stanford, we became good friends. Anyway, I’m pretty glad I went where I went and ended up where I ended up because I think it was ideal. Yes, ideal.

Here’s another thing about me. Like, somehow I got this reputation for being known, or for knowing people, and I have zero idea how that happened because seriously, I make no effort to do stuff like that, know a lot of people or whatever. Anyway, in my mind, it’s not that important that I be friends with random people. I mean, courteous and whatever, but not friends. Dunno if this makes sense.

But I think what I mean is, I don’t know why Dave (that is, Dave Hong) hypes up the “triumvirate” so much. Like, why the heck do I need to be friends with Chris Min or Scott Kim? I mean, I like them and I honestly wouldn’t mind talking to them, but why the heck do I need to be friends with them? It would just be random at this point in time, and I don’t know, I’m just not into that. I mean, if our paths cross or whatever, that’s fine. I don’t know, maybe I’m just strange.

I think Chris would have been friends with Val. I don’t really know Chris, but that’s my guess.

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