Someone mentioned this while we were in East Asia, but it worried them the whole one-child only policy. Just, they’re raising a nation of only children, and who knows what kind of effect that will have? I don’t know, just, the only children I know have very unique perspectives, it’s just a little bit different. Like, they have very particular needs and are very content by themselves. But yeah, it’s interesting.

So anyway, I hate the term “falling in love” because it makes it sound like it’s something that happens to you, or something unavoidable, as opposed to something you actually do. People don’t buy this, but my belief is that there’s a difference between being attracted to someone and liking someone. Attraction, whatever, you can’t totally control, but liking someone is totally under your control. Don’t ask me where the line is. But I absolutely think it’s there.

So, to me, when you like someone, you’ve somewhere made a decision, be it fully conscious or through your actions or whatever, to act on your attraction. Acting doesn’t mean pursuing a relationship. It just means acknowledging the attraction and deciding to let it be something. I absolutely don’t believe that you have no choice when it comes to liking someone. Even if you don’t believe it’s a conscious decision to move from attraction to like, you can still change your interaction at the point when it’s still attraction and not like so that it doesn’t reach that point. Some people don’t buy what I say because they feel like they’ve tried to avoid people in the past and it’s only made them like them more. But, I think the problem is, they waited too long, past the point of liking them. And avoiding someone isn’t always the best way. At any rate, you have to do it before attraction becomes like.

Anyway, yeah, that’s what I think. Attraction, whatever, but if you like someone, it’s because you want to on some level. It’s not just something that happens to you, it’s within your control, so you have to accept responsibility for that. And even more so with “love”, which is why I hate the term “falling in love”. Anyway, with like divorce, if someone “falls in love” with someone else, they can’t claim it’s something that just happened. They wanted it to happen, so take responsibility for it.

But yeah, everyone’s against me on this.

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