So, I’m really depressed because the good tribe in Survivor is doomed. You can essentially not watch the show for the next 4 weeks. 3 weeks, maybe.

The reason I’m depressed is because they don’t deserve such an ignoble fate. They were by far more organized, more likable, and just all around better. They should have gone into the merger up 6-4, it’s only by a freak accident that they weren’t given that chance, and now, someone from the evil team is going to win, and that just makes me sad.

Unless it’s Colby. I’m sorry, but he’s an incredible “player” of Survivor. First of all he masterminded that incredible coup that moved power away from Jerri and essentially to him. I say he kept the team alive. Mitchell was seriously dead weight. I don’t know, that was an incredible move.

And, last night he was just as incredible. So the strategy for last night was obviously to figure out which of the other tribe had votes against them. They were clearly going to vote along team lines, which would result in a tie, and no one would budge, so they’d have to rely on the tie break, which is determined by who has the most previous votes against them. So that was the entire strategy for last night.

And, dunno if you picked it up, but Colby was brilliant. He said explicitly that he had to bring attention to himself, take the focus off of Keith and Jerri since they had votes. The editing didn’t show it, but I’m sure he did, made it seem like he had votes against him. And, it worked. He was selected by the other team. And the evil team chose Jeff, because Kimmi had let slip at an earlier challenge that he had votes against him. Idiot Kimmi. Anger. So anyway, now evil team is in control.

But, it’s good team’s fault, also. I don’t know if they thought carefully enough about who might of had votes against them. They very clearly should have gone after Jerri. So, they were stupid, they deserve it. But, they didn’t show what Colby must have done, so, it’s hard to say. At any rate, I’m really sad. And, I have an incredible amount of respect for Colby. He seems slow but he’s consistently shown that he’s completely aware of what’s going on.

But yeah, I’m pretty sad about it, because the good team really did deserve to win. It’s sad.

So, here’s where the weakness of this season’s Survivor shows up. Last year, I got in around this time, like one or two weeks before the merger. And it got really interesting then, because you never knew what was going to happen. Because there were no alliances save one. But they were a minority, so there was always hope that the majority would recognize this and strike back.

But now, there are clear alliances. And the problem is, they learned from the first Survivor that alliances are critical, so there’s pretty much no chance that it’s going to get broken up. Which means it’s going to be totally predictable for 4 more weeks. I don’t know, I’m kind of sad about that.

But Henry was actually rooting hard for the evil team to win, because he believes that they’re so evil and fragmented, that their alliance won’t last. I’d like to believe that, but it’s hard for me to believe that they’re really that stupid.

But, there’s still hope. I would play the blackmail angle. That is, get Colby to vote off one of the evil tribe or else threaten to concentrate your votes on him, so that the number of votes he has is way more than anyone else, which puts him at a serious disadvantage. If that doesn’t work, you have to convince the weaker members of the evil tribe to take out the strong members first, maximizing their own chances of winning. Because seriously, the immunity challenges mean everything now. Colby is just a serious threat.

That or play the hate angle. Once it gets down to a few players, as they saw last time, anything can happen because everything is so unpredictable. So, I would go to Keith and say, “Do you really want to offer Jerri the chance to win a million dollars?” Because he specifically said before that his only goal now is to make sure that Jerri does not win the million dollars. But if they insist on picking off the good tribe first, that maximizes her chances. And that would just be wrong.

So there’s still a chance for the good tribe but I seriously doubt it. So, I don’t know, I was in mourning last night.

There was a great edit last night. It was a shot of Colby after Jeff got voted off. You see him trying to control his face but then a little smirk escapes. It was great. Colby is awesome.

So, I thought of what my strategy is going to be. I’m definitely going to play the take out the strong person angle. Meaning, you have to organize the people who are weak against those who are strong. That’s what good tribe needs to do right now. After they take off Alicia or Nick, whoever seems the bigger threat, the ones remaining have to say, look, you have to look at the endgame. In the end, winning the challenges is absolutely critical, so you have to get rid of those people who are the biggest threat to win those challenges. And you have to do that as soon as you can, because there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to do it later.

So you have to get Tina and Amber and get them to get rid of Colby. And you have to keep playing that angle, to your advantage.

I know for sure the first person to go will either be annoying or useless. So, the key I think to Survival is, don’t be annoying, don’t be useless, but don’t win any of the immunity challenges (the personal ones). Just, don’t make yourself look like a threat. That way you can be one of those “weak” people who organize against the strong at the en

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