I think I find things “absurd” that aren’t truly absurd. Like, when we were in St. Louis, on Sunday we attended Leo’s church. It’s a Chinese church, but the English ministry has a Caucasian pastor. This seems to be a lot more common in Chinese churches than Korean churches, I’m not sure why.

Anyway, having a white pastor at a Chinese church is a little different, but not absurd. What was absurd was their praise time. It wasn’t bad, just absurd. The pastor also leads praise. And, he leads from electric guitar. The thing is, he has this 60s style Danelectro, and I’m serious, he plays surf-guitar style. Dunno if you know what I mean by this, but trust me, if you heard it, you’d understand. Surf guitar.

So they played this song “Passion For Jesus”, a Vineyard song, surf-guitar style, and I’m sorry, but I was just gone. I mean, they would even have transitions that was pure surf-guitar. And, dunno if you know the song, but, it was a bold interpretation. So yeah, I feel bad but I could not concentrate the whole time.

Saturday night I went to the rodeo. Yes, the rodeo. They were in town, at the San Jose Arena (soon to be the Compaq Center at San Jose). That alone was absurd to me. The first time I go to the rodeo is in San Jose? Weird.

Anyway, there’s apparently this strange subculture, even here. That wears hats and drives big trucks. The percentage of trucks in the parking lot was just astounding. And it was sponsored by Dodge, Jack Daniels, and Tony Lama, the last of which is a western wear store or something like that.

Anyway, what made it more absurd (just to me) is the fact that we were sitting in box seats. Box seats at a rodeo? Absurd.

The third absurdity is that they kept playing Will Smith. So, going to the rodeo in San Jose, sitting in box seats, listening to Will Smith. I say it’s absurd.

But that’s just me.

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