Today’s episode of Survivor restored my hope in mankind. By the end I was seriously jumping up and down and cheering. The funny thing is, John and Jieun came home later and when they watched it, same thing, they jumped up at the end. Great episode. I don’t know, it gets really interesting from here. Really interesting.

So, what does Amber do? She’s in a hard place because it’s clear that she’s totally on the outside. But then, that also puts her in a position of power. What I would do if I was Elisabeth (she is awesome, by the way. When things are stacked against her, she doesn’t take it lying down. She always tries, and that’s cool to me.) is try to get Amber on their side. Just, convince her, I mean, you have to choose one side or another. The thing is, you clearly can’t trust the other side. You might as well join us (Elisabeth). It’s also advantageous because Keith and Colby are strong, so you (Amber) will have a better chance than if you join their side. It’s altogether reasonable.

But then, Amber kind of has some power. What I would do if I was Amber is convince Colby, Keith and Tina to vote against Nick. Which they would be doing anyway. But then, really align with the other three and vote Colby off. But then, the next tribal council, align with Keith and Tina and vote off Nick. Basically she can play both sides against each other, because she’s not bound to any alliance, and there’s freedom in that. So, in a weird sense, she kind of is a position of power.

At any rate, things have gotten really interesting. What a great show.

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